Why Does Bill Maher Advocate for FAT Shaming?

My Way or the Highway

From education to healthcare or insurance, happiness and satisfaction, money and job security there are many that attempt to dictate the path to success in these examples and many more. They always say something along the lines of, “I just want to make the world a better place”. Yet the only way to follow and adhere to their plan is to forfeit your own free will and your rights. They clamor to fix what they believe has been broken or what has been overlooked. People are people no matter where or when. The ideology behind creating a new “system” or a “better” way should only be taken with a grain of salt and taken for what it is. No one has ever figured out the perfect plan or the perfect society. Smokers and the obese, both must be outlawed if we are to ever institute socialized medicine and healthcare. If these people cannot be shamed into conformity, then, when this practice of “free” healthcare comes about they will take the majority of the money funding this exact program that only has a chance of succeeding if every person is fit and healthy. Smoking and obesity is what people have been doing since the beginning of time, yet for some reason marijuana is considered healthy if not applauded.

When it comes to education, happiness and wealth, again, the same is true. For generations now, a college degree was considered the distinguishing criteria that would separate you from your peers. Yet no one earns a college degree to sweep floors or clean toilets. All of these college graduates go to college to be a boss or a supervisor, if everyone is getting the same credentials to be in management, where will the workers and employees come from? I’m not trying to slander education, I’m simply stating that perhaps college is not for everyone. However; for decades that was the supposed path to happiness, wealth and success, now our nation is filled with graduates that don’t want to work and refuse to pay back their education loans.

The passive aggressive nature of creating a system or path to happiness and success is merely the “my way or the highway” ideology. “I will tell you what you should do, but I may not practice it myself”. There is no solution to people, other than allowing everyone to exercise their free will as they see fit. With that being said, to be free and to use your free will you also must accept the consequences of your decisions and actions, whether positive or negative. Without personal accountability or responsibility, there is no need or requirement for free will. Once that point has been reached, it’s always someone else’s fault.


16 thoughts on “Why Does Bill Maher Advocate for FAT Shaming?

  1. “But it’s too hard. I dont want to work. I want to be rich and famous because I’m special. I’m me. All I need is 7 easy steps and I’ll have everything I ever dreamed of.”

    People dont want free will. They want an easy road to what they think they’re entitled to. I’m telling you dude, the Sheeple are running off the cliff and they’re gonna drag everyone with them. 😯

    I’ll just be hiding in my house😉

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      A flock of sheep witness a wolf attack and slavery of one of their fellow sheep. That night, the sheep hold a town hall to figure out what to do to protect themselves from further attacks. They agree that if the wolf didn’t have any teeth, the sheep that was attacked would’ve survived. That night, they all decide that teeth must be done away with….

      The next day, the head sheep of the flock line everyone up and they all commence to turning over their teeth (their only tool for eating).

      The meantime between the town hall and the next attack, the sheep feel safe and their attitude towards their entitlement grows wildly out of control.

  2. The whole educational phenomenon can be easily explained. Back in the day only select few were able to go to college. Once that step of education was complete, they did stand out among their peers and were able to secure decent jobs. Someone noticed that trend and tried to make things better for everyone. So we all went to college. Like you said – if everyone has the same level of education, how do we get people into different levels? This is like fashion, or Instagram-worthy destinations. It works well for someone, they recommend it and then everything goes to hell. The restaurant starts using cheaper ingredients to accommodate the never-ending demand, the forest gets filled with plastic bottles, etc.

  3. Well said. And, Bill Maher is an asshole.

    There is also something to be said for the food supply being tainted. In human history, obesity in large numbers is a fairly recent thing. Additives, chemicals, GMOs…also recent things.

    Personal responsibility is a tough thing. People don’t like to answer for their behaviors. You smoke? You might get cancer. If you want some doctor to fix what you screwed up, you are going to have to pay for that…one way or another.

    If you know that fast food has bad ingredients and you eat it, anyway, when there are healthier choices, you will pay…one way or another.

    Same thing with drug use. You will pay for your behavior, in one form or another.

    This health care hysteria makes me shake my head. Emergency services, I get. But, abdicating your own responsibility to take care of your own health…

    And, in the end, no one gets out alive.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      There is a cost and a compromise for each decision, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

      I would argue that the number one cause of mortality is life itself. We all die eventually, the vanity that we hope to extend, does not dictate our end, regardless of what we wish for the other.

      1. A guy I dated in my 20s that always said (regarding wealth accumulation) “ya can’t take it witcha and, if ya could, ya arms would be too stiff to get it outta ya pockets.”

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      I think it was Ron White that said “when you get hit by a bus, it doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you did that morning”.

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