Neil Degrasse Tyson, a Modern Televangelist

Don’t question Neil Degrasse Tyson and don’t question science in front of him. NDT’s zealous approach to modern science, is that to question science is blatant heresy. “Science deniers” is a term that he easily labels those that would question the validity of his claims or the most recent discoveries in the scientific arena.

Neil, is quick to use the Pope as the appropriate measurement for what a Christian should be, thereby what he expects from Christians. That’s right, the very same Pope that protects the child molesting officials of the church.

Mr. Tyson loves to make science fun and interesting and that is why he is the latest front man for bringing the good word to each of our homes, courtesy of the internet and cable television. But be warned, to question climate change or space or even something as simple as displacement, NDT will become very stern quite rapidly.

You see, Neil Degrasse Tyson doesn’t set out to encourage curiosity, his sole purpose is to influence policy. Neil, is placed in front of the camera to shape public discourse and to give people a false sense of inferiority. His stage presence is intimidating and overbearing, the inflection in his voice is akin to a televangelist of the past, warning its audience that if they don’t repent, they will go to hell.

Questioning Mr. Tyson on climate change is likened to questioning a holy roller about homosexuality. You see, questions are not tolerated by NDT, just as questions are not tolerated from the pulpit.

Neil Degrasse Tyson seems to fancy himself as the arbiter of truth and the trailblazer to the path of enlightenment and understanding. As we all know, to question authority is to bite the hand that feeds you. Like the Pope, NDT is selective in his willingness to broach science with a humble mind. NDT will not go against the current societal “norms”, for fear of losing his position of power and influence, just as the Pope will never hand over the child molesters, for fear of losing his power.

Neil Degrasse Tyson has crowned himself the Pope of the scientific community. To be blessed by Mr. Tyson, remember to top off the collection plate and kiss the ring. Neil Degrasse Tyson has no time and no patience for dissenters. Like the Pope, Neil Degrasse Tyson is only interested in the children.


36 thoughts on “Neil Degrasse Tyson, a Modern Televangelist

  1. Ol’ Neil wouldn’t like taking with me! Global warming is a giant hoax and NWO tax scheme to dominate the globe with carbon taxes and take control of everything from farms to roadways and waterways. Climate change as they call it now, because global warming wasn’t working for them as their “facts” based on lies were exposed for what they were, is a political weapon being used in the arsenal of those who want a one world government. The pope and Vatican are in on it too. And no, the pope is nowhere near the measurement for what a Christian should be! He doesn’t even believe in Jesus! He worships the evil one and preaches lies about Mary being our hope. The pope is a servant of the NWO and he is aligning with Islam in order to birth the one world religion. We don’t need Neil or the pope telling us anything! Thanks for speaking the truth! God bless!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      In the end, he is a flesh and blood man. I think his influence has gone to his head. But, I think it would be hard for most to deal with the power that he wields.

  2. I also have some thoughts on Neil. For a smart man of science I have heard him say some dumb things.

    I was having this feeling for a while, but then I say him say one of the stupidest things I have ever heard anyone say on Joe Rogan’s show. I’m paraphrasing here but you can look up the clip if you want. When Joe asks, he tells Joe the reason why he does not protect his cellphone with a case. He twirls the phone in his hand. He references the fact that professional gunslingers do all kinds of tricks with their revolvers and the reason is so they learn not to drop their gun.

    His absurd argument is basically that he has become so proficient at cellphone twirling that there is no way he will ever drop his. Easy position for a millionaire that can afford a new cellphone at any time.

    I have not listened to a word uttered out of his mouth ever since. If I need any celebrity science I’ll get it from Bill Nye.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      If you call the other side dumb, then you’ve already lost the argument. I am not familiar with Carl Sagan, but I hope he didn’t intimidate others into buying into his ideas.

      1. Carl Sagan ran a show on PBS called NOVA. He’s the original TV science guy. Well maybe not THE original, I’m not an expert on TV science guys but he made science, astronomy, physics …he made science approachable and interesting for average non-science people.

        Yeah, antagonizing people or calling names isn’t helpful.

      1. My hackles didn’t even whisper with that example. What bothered you about it? The fact that he wholeheartedly believes in the good of his chosen career field and thinks everyone should be on board isn’t any different than the rest of us. The fact that he wants politicians to be in step with his beluefs is alao not unlike the rest of us. While his usual funloving personality was on pause and he got down to brass tacks in this talk, I don’t think he came across as condescending. I’m sure he’s inundated with the opinions of naysayers all the time because he’s a public figure. While that’s a negative side effect to a choice he made, I can see how tiresome it would be to continually field negativity.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah, I can as well, see that it can get tiresome. Whether it’s religion or science, I think that people shouldn’t be bullied into either. The way that he comes across is very authoritarian in my opinion and with an attitude like that, it says “you are either with me or against me”.

          It seems to me that he doesn’t view himself as a simple observer, rather he sees himself as the authority on the matter.

          1. To be fair, he kind of *is* the authority on the matter when he’s been invited to speak or be interviewed. You don’t have to appreciate his personality, attitude, or delivery. Some folks just don’t like him. Same as anyone else, except that he’s a well-known public figure, so he has a lot more haters out there than an average person.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              It just seems that this same message that is popular to push these days, which leads me to believe that is it meant to drive sales.

              1. Well, he *is* pushing his soon to be released book…so, there you go. I’m sure this interview was for promotion purposes to begin with, which would make you 100% correct. I don’t have a problem with it, but I can see how other might.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          Here’s where I’m coming from on this. A person shouldn’t need to sell anything concerning religion, faith or science. If the information is solid, it will stand on its own. If not, it will crumble on its own. This type of salesmanship comes across cheap and pushy.

      1. Just watched the second video and I still don’t see it.

        Joe thinks NDT is angry, but I only saw serious passion. I get the same way when I’m passionate about something…incredibly intense and I speak louder, with more force, and drop the “let’s be cute” personality. Was NDT feeling defensive? I have no way to answer that, but I could see how his responses could have been interpreted that way. Was he much more serious in his interaction with Joe than his usual personality? Yes. However, I don’t see that as him getting too big for his britches or any other thing he’s been accused of.

        I think we all have an expectation for all public figures to remain in a specific “role” we’ve assigned to them and when they “break character”, they are labeled as frauds. I know I have many moods and many sides to my personality. I can’t even begin to imagine having to always interact a certain way with others, to always be “on”, otherwise I’d risk being labeled a fraud.

        I still find him fascinating to listen to and learn from. ::shrug::

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah Heather, we all get to choose for ourselves. Perhaps I am apprehensive (prejudice) due to my past experiences with shady and pushy salespeople. So, quite possibly, that is the filter I view him through.

          Then again, that’s how I took his passion.

  3. Isn’t it interesting how popular he is with the younger generation? They are desperately seeking someone to tell them the truth, what to believe, and here comes this charismatic know it all spouting ‘facts’ and not allowing questions. These young people have been trained by schools and the media to accept ‘science’ as always correct. Bill Nye the science guy was also a major jerk.

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