Your Annoying Little Brother: How Many Continents are There?: TidePodcast Episode 107

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34 thoughts on “Your Annoying Little Brother: How Many Continents are There?: TidePodcast Episode 107

  1. The great thing about science is that there are always new questions and different ways of looking at things, so as our knowledge grows so does our understanding.

    We all have bias. Acknowledged or not. The thing is to recognize our bias and be open enough to listen to other people. See if our bias is fact or misunderstanding. We should question everything around us. Find our own answers. Dont take someone else’s opinion and live by it. Definitely dont bury your head in the sand unless you want a target on your butt.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Granny, I think it is better to not hide your true intentions, rather live them to the fullest. Avoidance merely empowers ignorance.

      1. North America
        South America

        I’ve never read that definition, I always thought it was just based on basically separate land masses. Europe/Asia is questionable…

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Africa is connected to Europe and Asia by ways of the Middle East or what some would call south west Asia.

          How is North America separate from South America?

          I can understand the importance of political borders, but really the political borders in Europe are only about 100 years old and that is questionable today by means of the EU.

          1. Yes, N & S America are connected by central America but they’re two big land masses with a bridge.
            Africa is barely connected, still basically a big land mass with a little bridge.
            It’s not political. There are many nations in S America, Africa… N Ameica has 3 countries, Europes has many nations, so does Asia.
            It’s about the land masses, not the countries within them.

            Antarctica & Australia are the only single units

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Fair enough. I guess the question then remains is who decides what is a continent and what is not a continent? Is it by geography, political or economics?

              If these are not political borders then why is Asia, Africa and Europe considered separate continents?

                  1. Pretty much. I totally get what you’re saying about invisible lines and borders and separation. How long has there been fighting of Gaza? Since 194? ,whenever Israel became a nation.
                    Closer to home, my home at least, what’s the difference between the Kumeyaay natives on the north side of the border and those on the south? Nothing except some government blowhards.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Exactly Granny. It seems as if our education system is failing by its own standards regardless of how much money we pump into it.

                      If we are expected to pass the test instead of asking questions, it’s already too late.

        2. I myself count 4 continents: Eurasiafrica, America, Australia, and Antarctica.
          Interesting that people haven’t even been able to agree on the “boundary” between Europe and Asia (variously the border of Kazakhstan, or somewhere IN Kazakhstan), the border between Asia and Africa (variously either the Suez Canal or the Israeli border), or the border between North and South America (variously either the Panama Canal, the northern border of Panama, or the southern border of Panama).

          1. It’s an interesting topic for discussion. Another thought I had after the “chat” with Coffee was maybe America is split because of the equator? Same with Africa.
            I’m still not sure about Europe/Asia unless it is a west vs east hemisphere thing.

            The north vs south makes sense with the seasons but east vs west doesnt.

            1. I think it’s cultural. As an Australian, what really bugs me about continent divisions is that some count Australia and the surrounding islands – some distant – as a “continent” called Oceania (although thankfully most people just use Oceania to refer to the region). Australia is a continent. Antarctica is a continent. The Americas etc are continents. Islands ARE NOT CONTINENTS!
              (Sorry – this is a pet peeve of mine 🙂 .)

  2. Speaking of how many continents: I recently discovered that some flat earthers (a tiny minority, thank God) actually think Australia doesn’t exist; that tourists are really taken to some place in South America, and that Australians are either computer generated bots, or actors paid by NASA. (Others – not necessarily Flat Earthers – think Finland doesn’t exist.) Talk about delusional!

  3. So, I commented without listening as I didn’t have time, but I’m listening right now.
    Okay, I take back the 7 comment. I didn’t think about what you brought up. Europe and Asia are one continent, but maybe two separate countries?
    Really? I thought Pluto was always regarded as a planet.
    NO! Avoidance does not make the problem go away – at least, in my experience it doesn’t. It builds up until it “explodes” and now you have an even bigger problem than you did before.
    Interesting thoughts about confronting – not sure if I agree with all of your thoughts, but they are certainly interesting.

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