The Simple Math of a Government Shutdown vs. an Economic Recession

A government shutdown negatively effects the establishment and the bureaucracy. A government shutdown exemplifies the ability of the people to care for themselves. A government shutdown takes power away from the government and grants that power to the people.

A recession negatively effects the population. A recession empowers the government, since during every recession, the people have looked to the government to take care of them.

So, a government shutdown gives the power to the people, an economic recession gives the power to the government.

I guess the only question remaining is…who do you trust, yourself or the government?

A government shutdown negatively effects those who do not work (the greatest percentage anyway).

An economic recession negatively effects all who do work.


20 thoughts on “The Simple Math of a Government Shutdown vs. an Economic Recession

  1. A government shutdown can affect things like the national parks too. That is bad for the people. It’s also bad for people who work in government jobs, not the politicians but the 9-5ers trying to pay their bills.

    A recession is definitely not good.

    What’s worse is all the freaking corporations and their ridiculously paid boards and shareholders. It’s the inequity of wealth. The middle class has all but disappeared.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      There are people who work for the government that would be negatively effected, but the majority work in the private sector.

      To top it off Granny, how many corporations are funded by the government. Perhaps the fish does rot from the head down.

      In any regard, the 2007 recession exemplified the idea that the government is only concerned with remaining in power and keeping the banks and corporations in power as well.

      Remember how the government used tax payer money to bail out the biggest fish?

      1. Uh, yeah! The”Swamp” hasn’t changed in decades, except to get worse.

        Ben has been watching “V For Vendetta”, wearing his Guy Fawkes mask and drawing the circled V everywhere. He may be about to start a revolution 😉

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ha, funny how government work is something that is barely 50 years old, yet we have convinced ourselves that we cannot live without it.

          If the government shuts down, then the welfare state goes as well. If an economic recession takes hold, then who will pay the taxes to fund the welfare state?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Did you contribute before you retired? How many never contribute?

              What is the difference between those who contribute today compared to 50 years ago? I think the population of those who never contribute has grown exponentially in the few decades.

              Nevertheless, instead of fixing something, we apply duct tape and superglue! And the problem persists!

              1. Yes, I’m a semi-respectable leech. SSDI is social security disability insurance and I paid into it when I worked. I only get as much as i do based on my salary when i became disabled. I’m not retired. I CAN’T work. Wish I still had the job I was at. By now I’d probably be making very good money. I was making $20/hr in 2000, plus all the benefits…401k and everything.

                Yep, some people spend generations on public aid. I know here in CA, there’s a 5 year lifetime limit for cash and they have to do job training. There may be exceptions on the limit but the state is trying to give people skills to enter the job market.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Exactly Granny, so then the reliance is still on the government, instead of the individual. The more we rely on the government, the less the government relies on us. We are no longer the boss, we have become the employee. So, there is no need for the government to listen to the people, since the people are no longer the obligation but rather the ingrates.

                  1. Its definitely gotten bass-ackward.
                    All the power sits in D.C. and the average citizen is just trying to keep a roof and food. It doesnt help with all the fear, fear, FEAR! we’re constantly bombarded with.
                    We’re becoming a nation of numb, braindead zombies…just where the power-grabbers want us.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      LOL, I believe the complexity of a question is not what is important. Rather asking the question and asking for an answer. The more we simply worry about passing the test, the more ignorant we become.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              The only way to continue the welfare state is to shrink it and make more people work. A recession topples society, a government shutdown topples the rulers, since the majority of welfare recipients always vote the same and the working class is more nuanced.

  2. So you’re wondering why anyone would be trying to bring on a recession? I heard it the other day… My ears perked up and I said: “What?”, trying to question the absurdity. But then I realized the times we live in and so my life continued.

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