Sweet Turd Cutter

Mind if I objectify? Or….perhaps that is what a confident, independent woman looks like.

Get with the program girls, no more excuses! Show them child bearing hips, since the only way to power is through sexual objectification.

Then again…that could be a dude!


21 thoughts on “Sweet Turd Cutter

      1. WP is glitchy. My comments go to moderation or spam or disappear completely. Who knows?!

        A woman can be proud of her body no matter what it looks like. That pic is actually kind of a problem because it’s too “perfect” not many women actually have that booty. But whatever…wear what you wanna wear. They’re exercise pants. I have leggings similar, not quite so fancy, I wear them. I dont have that booty.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Oh Granny, as time continues to pass it seems as if active wear is more or less daily wear…and I hope the trend continues to become more and more risqué!

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Women, are like frantic birds. The quieter and smoother you can be around them, the more likely they are to flutter around you constantly. No sudden movements and verbal outbursts are sure to scare them away.

              Act aloof, and they will never stop trying to get you to say or do something. It’s like kryptonite to women, to ignore them.

              Women act as if they could actually perish if no one ever complimented them! If you want to make a woman desperate, ignore her, do not even acknowledge her. That’s the surest way to get your way with her.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Sex sells Ivor, always has and always will, no matter how progressive we think we may have come. The urge to procreate is stronger than ever.

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