Trump, Hire Tulsi NOW!

I got it, Tulsi Gabbard is an awesome lady. She really is, at least that’s what I think. She’s smart and down to earth. Tulsi’s perfect place would be a staff position. In my opinion, Tulsi is not a leader, she is too smart and stalwart to be a leader. She has the emotional balance and compassion that every president should have by their side.

Tulsi is the perfect advisor, she is the perfect person to lead a support staff. Tulsi is not presidential material in my opinion and we all know the Democratic Super Delegates will ensure she will never be the candidate.

Trump needs to be the leader that exploits the strengths of those who he surrounds himself with. Hire Tulsi Trump, don’t be political about this. Tulsi would be an amazing addition to the Trump team.

Regardless of your politics, you should want your president to be surrounded with honest and smart people. Tulsi is that superstar honest and smart person that would improve the overall balance of the Trump administration.

Trump, if you want an honest advisor for a change, hire Tulsi, she’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear.

Trump, hire Tulsi, she has the ability to make you better.

Tulsi, if you truly care about America, then you should want to serve alongside Trump, to help with the important decisions.


5 thoughts on “Trump, Hire Tulsi NOW!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Horndogging? I’m actually impressed with Tulsi, I don’t agree with her on most of her policies and stances, but I do think that she is a real honest person, and that is why I think she would prove to be an amazing addition to any staff, especially at the federal and international level.

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