Beer Goggles: Kel, RamRod, Steve and Coffee Discuss the Validity of Coffee’s Theory About C.O.I.N. and Law Enforcement: TidePodcast Episode 105

Coffee Talked his possible Divorce.

Coffee also talked about getting the ability to have callers, call in, Burner Phone to Come!!!

Approximately 1 Hour and 20 Minutes


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23 thoughts on “Beer Goggles: Kel, RamRod, Steve and Coffee Discuss the Validity of Coffee’s Theory About C.O.I.N. and Law Enforcement: TidePodcast Episode 105

      1. Ok I listened with it on speaker to hopefully keep the coyotes away. Saw lots of scat on the deserted trails. I can never figure out who’s who. Thank you to the guy who explained what COIN actually means and the legalities of it. I think maybe we just have to get used to the surveillance society . No going back. Glad to hear you’re still happy in your marriage. I know a couple who actually did what you proposed so they could get benefits. They’re actually no longer together though . One last comment, if you want to see government overstep in action , look up cases of parents losing their kids because they didn’t cooperate with a doctor. Then lifting their parental rights and children permanently. It’s becoming way too common and it’s terrifying. All it takes is an accusation.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          To be honest, I was joking around about the divorce. More or less, I get sick and tired of how single mothers seem to get over or get handed benefits. So, to stir the pot, I like to joke around about getting over on the system from time to time.

          Kel, yeah he’s a wicked smart fella. I like to talk with people of different frames of mind, that way, the ideas get vetted better.

          I think it is what it is PK, like we talked about during the podcast. We all come to realize sooner or later what the world really is and who is at the helm.

          I have been reading about Job for the past few days, and I wonder if what we are living through is akin to what Satan put Job through. Are we simply getting caught up in the moment, because it all seems so overwhelming? So, we forget God and begin to curse everyone and everything, all because we are feeling sorry for ourselves. Maybe, maybe not.

          I would love to have you on PK. You leave such amazing thoughts with your comments. We could talk about the abuse of the medical system.

          I have heard how doctors are quick to call the cops or assign some type of “parental abuse” label onto the parents, and then they lose custody of their child. I think the most recent one I heard about was in California possibly, where the parents refused to give their child hormone blockers and the state came in and took the kids away. Talk about a scary situation.

          1. I knew you were joking, but I wasn’t sure if the guys did! Remember God gave Satan permission to test Job. We do get tested but I don’t think it’s to that degree. I think it’s more fear and paranoia and lack of faith that God is ultimately in control even of these things. It’s easy to get caught up in it but we need to focus on what we can do and on being godly people in a world full of evil motives. The Bible says that the unsaved world is CONTROLLED BY SATAN. But Christians are not. That’s what we are seeing. A spiritual battle is going on behind the scenes. Unbelievers are used as pawns by Satan . I assume that most of these shooters are demon possessed. A few were probably psychotic . Persecution of Christians will probably become a thing again before Jesus returns, but hopefully not in our lifetime. I’m stating these things in a brief and blunt way but it’s all straight from the Bible Maybe I’ll call in when you get your cheater phone .

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              That is right, God gave his permission. A key aspect that I so easily looked over.

              I think the easiest way for me to process this is to recognize that I am nothing and of no consequence, in the grand scheme of things. This is how things always happen as time goes by. Who am I to demand anything? The world does not revolve around me, I am a speck of dust.

              I think paranoia is a tricky term. Maybe I am, but I do not care for the psychological aspect that paranoia is put into.

              I also believe that a belief in God is what ultimately frees us. We realize that no matter what happens here, a reward awaits us. It’s a comforting feeling, that helps to keep everything in perspective.

              1. I hear you about the word paranoia but if we’re not careful, could our caution and desire for freedom from control could make us more paranoid than necessary?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I think it is important to acknowledge the power and influence that satan holds. To simply ignore it, seems complacent, to me.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              When training for combat, it is important to realize, recognize and respect the power that your enemy possesses. Never assume that victory is assured, rather it must be fought for.

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I need to listen to this one still, but I just got home and it’s late…I might not get it listened to until later this weekend.

  2. And then I listened to the whole thing while getting other crap done anyway. LOL

    YAY for the return of the sponsor!!!

    The divorce for financial benefits actually happens a lot in older couples. Married couples sometimes have too much income to qualify for one of the parties to qualify for benefits, such as Medicare, and whatnot. It’s already a thing.

    Burner phone instead of Google number? Why go that more expensive route? I do love the calling in idea – will you be taking your podcast “live” to support call-ins?

    Demo tape – bwahahaha!!! I agree that BC’s first ALB recording was a bit rough, but he had to start somewhere – and he’s greatly improved with each one. I think he’s figuring it out and finding his groove. I’ve listened to every single one. 🙂

    Steve: Correct move not listening to my podcast with BC – it’s stupid long…and I talk about Avon a lot. 🙂

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Dang Heather, you’re such a great gal. Burner phone just because it seems easier than a google number. I don’t know, now you have me second guessing myself!

      1. Why incur the added expense? Google numbers are free – and easy. They act as a pass-through number that forward to your existing phone…unless you’d need a separate handset to have two phone convos at the same time. You’d need to figure out if your existing cell phone does 3-way or conference calling. The other option is to look into free conference calling services (or e-meetings like Zoom) where they provide a call in number for free and lots of folks could call in at one time, thought that may be chaotic and too party line-ish. Many of those services also offer recording, but that may be a paid feature…I’m not sure as I’ve never needed that feature.

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