Selective Censorship

Why is pornography considered detrimental, yet steamy romance novels are considered innocent?

If you see a man, old or young watching porn, are you disgusted?

If you see a lady, young or old reading 50 Shades of Grey, are you amused?

Why don’t Romance Novels come with an age restriction?

Is pornography for the eyes worse than pornography for the brain?

When a young woman comes into sexuality, why is it often described as a rose in bloom, yet when a young man comes into sexuality is it depicted as raunchy? That is unless that young man is gay, then it is depicted as beautiful.


40 thoughts on “Selective Censorship

  1. The primal craving for gratification for selfish pleasures is purely lustful in nature and void of the sensitivity embodied in the expression of love and affection through touch in an effort to bring pleasure to another without it being reciprocated. Makes sense?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          What’s the difference then, when one is physical and one is emotional? Men and women express love and reciprocate love in different ways.

          What if a woman desires to show her love physically? Does that then cheapen her intentions?

          What then is the difference then between Penthouse Letters and an Emmanuel Novel?

          Is it the visual stimulation vs the emotional stimulation?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              My question more or less was why are females granted more leniency and latitude when it comes to sexual exploration, whereas men are publicly condemned for even glancing at the opposite sex?

              Do women expect men to exercise a higher degree of restraint than women?

              Is lust different for a man than it is for a woman?

              1. We’re seen as the nurturing gender therefore our desire is to cultivate that which has been given to us. Including our sexuality. Men on the other hand are viewed as protectors. Defending us(female) from exploitation. That hunger and desire to procreate is built into a man. God made you that way. It’s not a bad thing, it’s how it’s acted upon that sometimes rubs society the wrong way.

                It’s like, we think that you guys should know better how to control that God given urge. When in fact that urge is apart of your makeup. You need that. WE need that.

                Lust is lust no matter the gender. It’s who’s displaying it that society sets boundaries for.
                That’s my 2cents.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  My point exactly Dorothy. We are different, yet we are expected to fall in line with unrealistic social expectations.

                  Sin is sin, the race, the sex and the age do not matter. If we cannot see that or understand that, then people control will always be bloody.

                  The convenient idea of labels is what allows us to convince ourselves that what we are doing is either horrible or innocent.

                  I’m not arguing for or against novels or pornography, just asking why novels are in one section where pornography is in another section?

                  It’s either all bad or all good.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          Both are graphic. Do you think that men are more selfish than women when it comes to gratification? Do you think that men fantasize about being with the woman on the screen? Just as women fantasize about the characters they read about?

          Is lust sinful only when it applies to men?

        3. bottomlesscoffee007

          Do you think it’s possible that men desire to be better lovers for their women, so perhaps they would turn to pornography to learn something new that they could use on their women?

          When the western narrative abounds with the idea that women are sexually dissatisfied, and that men are to blame. Do you think that quite possibly men, wanting to be the best man for their women, they would want to satisfy their women in every conceivable way?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I’m not saying it is or it is not, I believe that is up to the individual. What I am asking is why is one condemned while the other is celebrated?

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Yet both will stir sexual desires. Who decides what is erotic and what is perverse? Must we all have the same tastes?

                  I like that Dorothy, it rhymes.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              At the same time, people, at times just want to get off and relax, depending on whether that is a man or a woman, does it make a difference what they use for stimulation? Keeping in mind that whatever they are using for stimulation, is compromised of only legal adults.

  2. It is true. Women that go to male strip joints are considered cute. A man going to a strip joint are considered not to have any regard for females. I have read a few “romance “ novels and get very tired of the bed room scenes. Am I old fashion or do I just enjoy a good book. I am old fashion and I also enjoy sex, a lot.
    There are double standards for men and women in this society. Men who cat around are just sowing their oats. Women are sluts.
    I do not have an answer. I just know that I enjoy a well written book.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That is a good comparison Rotha, sluts vs the sewing of oats. Funny enough the term slut actually came about as an adjective for men, to describe a whiny and entitled man.

      My best guess would be how the Bible has been weaponized even before the ink had time to dry on the first print. In the Old Testament, guys are having relationships and children with their wives, their wives servants, their wives sisters and cousins.

      I’m not saying it is right or wrong, but I do think that women are valued based on their ability to conceive. And that is why women’s breasts, hips and buttocks are always what women desire to accentuate to attract a man. Basically, a woman is only as good as her womb is fertile.

      I’m not saying that is good or bad, but I think that is why a woman who sleeps around is not as desirable for a partner as a woman who has not.

      Men still find sluts attractive, and would like to have fun, but in life an untouched bride still fetches the richest dowry.

      Just like how successful men, regardless of age will have no trouble getting as many women as they please. I think from an historical aspect, women will always seek out the wealthiest and most powerful man they can, it’s in their nature.

      Women want to be protected and provided for.

      Men want to pass their lineage along.

      Men and women at their simplest in my opinion.

  3. Interesting… When my hormones kicked in I wasn’t a rose in bloom, I was a horndog. But girls aren’t/weren’t allowed to be sexual. Slut, whore, tramp, easy…

    Aside from the dark side of the adult entertainment business (drugs, desperation, human trafficking) I have no problem with porn.

    I’m not really into the “bodice ripper” novels. If I want to read fantasy, I’ll read about magic or elves or dragons…

  4. hawk2017

    You ask the most intellegent questions. God says not to view sinful things for they stay in the mind forever. Both men and wormen should not view explicit sex as it addictive because we are basic in our desires.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow, thanks Hawk. I just want to understand what is and what is not. I think we often are casual in our definitions and the labels we use, without any regard for actual truth or honesty.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly PK. If we desire to view each other as equal, whether on earth or in the eyes of God, then we must acknowledge the similarities and realize that both are corrupt, and the gender does not make one good and one bad.

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