Your Annoying Little Brother: Counter Insurgency Operations in Everytown, USA?: TidePodcast Episode 103

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15 thoughts on “Your Annoying Little Brother: Counter Insurgency Operations in Everytown, USA?: TidePodcast Episode 103

  1. There may be a few people in government who still believe in public service but I think the majority care more about the lobbyists and their bank accounts…or the power.

    I remember the Patriot Act. I remember the the campaign of fear too. The fear campaign is still going. “Be afraid of these people cuz they’re all terrorists, or those people because they’re rapists and murderers, or that other group that wants to take all you stuff” Keep people afraid and they’ll do anything to feel safe. Safety is an illusion but people aren’t using their brains.

    Police forget or ignore that their job is to protect and serve. It’s written on their cars but a lot of them get off on the power of the gun and badge. They say the job is dangerous, they’re protecting themselves…if the job is too dangerous, change jobs!

    Bottom line is people need to think for themselves, not spout off whatever their favorite media or celebrity thinks.

    My blood pressure is up again😡😡 grrrrr

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Damn straight Granny. Fear is a powerful motivator and it has been used throughout history to convince the masses of whatever the crown desires.

      Should LE have the intelligence gathering abilities of the CIA? Do we take the lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan and apply them on our very hometown streets to ensure compliance and to enforce good order and discipline?

      I am quite skeptical of “government” since the goal of organizations like the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the EPA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, the Justice Department and many more have their own self preservation to worry about.

      I wonder if people realize the amount of law enforcement that trains alongside the military? I wonder if people realize that Navy Seals teach fighting techniques to LE? Is that what we want, LE to be trained and have the same mentality of Navy Seals when they are on patrol?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      What do you think Goldie? Does our safety require giving up rights or privacy? Do we want LE to utilize military and intelligence gathering tactics on us? Is that what we truly desire? How safe do we want to be?

      1. This is all very difficult to navigate, because the principal is different than the reality. Bad guys abuse the system, good guys get power hungry, etc.

        And most of all – the general public is responsible for these good things turning bad. Why do we have such an issue with privacy? Because people are too lazy to drop by their bank once in a while. Because they can’t send in a money order to pay their bills. So then, to combat bad guys abusing that, we come up with things hindering our rights and the cycle continues.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      With that being said, are we now the cattle being led to the slaughter through the giant turnstile? Are we the insurgents?

      1. Well we’d be conspiracy nuts if we thought that , right? 😉 If we believe that we are living out the book 1984 , we are just not seeing all the good in the world! If we think that somewhere is an elite group making plans for the whole world, we’re wackos. If we think that scientists are attempting to control the population through various means, we have wild imaginations!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Take it easy PK! (Sarcasm). With Red Flag Laws on the horizon, we need to exude gratitude for our wonderful and fearless leaders that selflessly place our safety below their wants.

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