The Voice Behind the KeyBoard: Heather talks Avon, her Continuing Journey to Professional Fulfillment and Provides Marketing Tips: TidePodcast Episode 96

Heather from over @ Hopelessly Heather joins Coffee to talk Avon and why it is still relevant today “Department Store Quality, Drug Store Prices”, her continuing journey from getting knocked on her ass to dictating her own path and she gives Coffee some solid marketing strategies (All Bloggers Need to Hear this).

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BookMarks, listen to the entire TidePodcast or Skip to the Part that Interests you the Most:

0-28 Minutes: Avon

28-47 Minutes: Professional Journey, Getting Knocked on her ass and her kicking back for a change.

47-91 Minutes: Steve & NickelBack and then A Delve into the Purpose of Conversation

91-151 Minutes: Marketing Tips

Heather gave a few Shout-Outs, give em a glance when you get the chance (that rhymes) and let em know the Always Classy and Downright Sassy Hopelessly Heather sent ya!!!

Teresa from over @ Teresa’s Big O, she’s got a lot of Opinions!

Teresa’s iTunes Podcast: Plenty of Dating Advice

Teresa’s Podcast on Anchor FM: Plenty of Dating Advice

Teresa’s WP Blog: Plenty of Advice

I need to talk to this Teresa Gal, drop some real knowledge on her and her listeners!

Heather talked about Steve and his obvious obsession or jealousy of NickelBack!

Heather and Coffee talked about our Bestie Racquel from over @ Racquel Writes


Heather told us she seeks out the wisdom of the Huntress from over @ The Huntress 915 from time to time!



45 thoughts on “The Voice Behind the KeyBoard: Heather talks Avon, her Continuing Journey to Professional Fulfillment and Provides Marketing Tips: TidePodcast Episode 96

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Well, it’s good to hear that you were annoyed with yourself as well. I didn’t want to say anything!

    1. I finally got a chance to listen 👂 in it’s entirety. Okay, so I won’t bitch about the length because I, for one, know once we get into a conversation with you 007 it’s hard to stop.

      Kudos to Heather for creating her own business in order to satisfy her own needs and the ability to build a thriving, lucrative business from that. I love the fact that her Facebook VIP Group was “wildly successful”.

      Heather – Excellent that you’re not hooked on your electronics like that. It is admirable and commendable. I am working on that myself.

      Well, now we know how the job story ends. Thankfully, it’s a happy ending.

      Problem solver Heather to the rescue!!!!

  1. Thank you for having me on – it was fun!

    For those who are considering, but also apprehensive about, doing BC’s podcast, don’t be. He immediately puts you at ease, chatting like regular friends for a bit before hitting the record button. If there are subjects you want to avoid, subjects you wish to discuss, or subjects you want edited out, BC gives you the power to decide the flavor and tone of the interview, as well as provide you ultimate veto power. It’s a safe environment. Surprising, but true. 😉

    BTW, BC, I love that you told folks where to fast forward to in order to listen to the parts they like best…great idea!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow, thank you Heather. You are a total Gem! I had a marvelous time.

      I really appreciate the marketing tips.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I will, fo sho! One step at a time.

          1. Remember to tell people to like, share and subscribe

          2. Become more prolific on Instagram

          3. Create a way for people to come on without using Skype (google voice)

          That’s where I’m at now. More to come for sure.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Man Heather, if you weren’t already running 100mph everyday, I think you could help loads of people get off the ground for a change.

              1. My aunt said something similar to me a few days ago. I told her I don’t mind helping out friends and family, but it’s just not my calling in life – I enjoy the legal field too much. It’s fun helping others and seeing them succeed though – it’s like I’m a tiny bit responsible. Super satisfying. 🙂

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I wonder if you’re so super productive naturally, that any attempt of stifling you can be crippling. Like, in order to function at your level, you must continuously be multitasking and dominating problems.

  2. I listened to the whole thing, but letting us know what you guys are talking about at what time so anyone can FF is a great idea.

    Heather, indeed, you never know where you’ll lend when it comes to personalities at work. I could not believe some people that I’ve encountered. Sometimes no matter what YOU do, others can make it hell.

    Good luck with your job hunting, Heather.

    “Peopleing” I like that word.

    It’s interesting to hear that yet another person mentions how you, Coffee, come across a certain way in your writing, and differently in your podcasts. I have mixed emotions about that. Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that it isn’t hard to misinterpret written things (ex.: sarcasm). However, I never had issues with your “tone” when I read your posts even before I heard you speak. Why? Because I seem to write in a similar tone. Yes, I think yours might have been sharper or more direct, but I saw nothing bad in that. I’ve been told my delivery makes me sound high and mighty and you know what? Even people who hear me in real life sometimes think that. Why? Because it’s their perception. It is never my intention, but people seem to always be on the defensive. My real life experience points towards insecurities – people just do not want to be made like they’re “less”. And I don’t want to, but if they already have issues, but blunt delivery isn’t accepted with open arms. It’s a huge topic that I could debate for a while. Not many people are straight shooters nowadays, and I have to say that it makes me sad.

    I’m very competitive. I love winning. But in today’s world, I get so annoyed with people whom you cannot talk to unless you agree. They NEED to win. Otherwise, you end up in a fight. Really?

    Why do people like it when you act dumb? Because it makes them feel better about themselves. That circles back to my paragraph about your tone. People cannot take being intimidated. They need to feel superior. It’s quite a weird concept to me.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Goldie’s thanks for the listen, I appreciate it.

      Yeah, no matter what, some will be unhappy while others will feel satisfied. It is what it is. A preacher can scream fire and brimstone from the pulpit, and someone will be disgusted or turned off, while another will be entertained or enlightened. It is what it is.

      I think you are right about a feeling of superiority. Haughty eyes as I’ve heard it before.

    2. Thank you listening and for the good wishes!

      I don’t think anyone enjoys feeling intimidated – it’s uncomfortable. I do things that intimidate me all the time. I’m often glad I did them, but I’m also glad when they are over. Feeling intimidated is a difficult road to navigate – sometimes it leads to growth, sometimes it’s only purpose is to belittle. Figuring out which is which becomes the key to deciding whether to plow through it or put a stop to it. I also think many of us enjoy feeling superior, at least from time to time – it’s a power trip and an ego boost. However, I don’t necessarily think you have to fall in one camp or the other…there are a lot of in between camps too, depending on what you want to get out of the situation and who it’s with.

        1. I feel intimidated when I am caught unprepared or when I’m trying something new to me. Yes, there is a difference whether the feeling is all in my head or it’s being inflicted upon me, and my reactions change accordingly.

  3. Oh man this was a great TidePodcast by the way! I knew Heather was nervous for no reason, she is awesome. I wish I had her energy and gumption. You guys played well off of each other, there was no ego whatsoever in the entire conversation, I love it.

    But now that I’ve heard her speak, I’m a bit intimidated, lol. She needs to start her own marketing company, she really know her stuff! Thanks for the shout out Coffee and Heather! You guys should start a podcast together, your listeners can give you guys prompts on stuff to talk about and then we’d wait for the results. Seriously, you guys seemed very at ease with one another, and let me tell you that doesn’t come easy to everyone.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for the listen Huntress. It was a wonderful time talking with Heather, she’s a gem.

      Heather really seems to know her stuff.

      So, Huntress, would you like the Coffee treatment as well? I’d love to talk with you, between your blog and your Harley Quinn Icon, I get the feeling that you’re a pistol!

      1. I’d love to be on an official TidePodcast, actually I love anything having to do with coffee, lol. Which begs the question, how did you come up with that call sign? Ohh aren’t we getting all Top Gun on you? lol.

        I love that your asking, and I’m having the same hesitation Heather did, maybe that one podcast will be the one to ruin all your podcasts. I’m the type of person that interject movie quotes into everything, especially if they’re Mel Brooks films.

        The Harley Quinn Icon was what I decided on last minute, as I couldn’t find a good Deadpool icon I liked.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Well, during good conversation, usually requires beer or coffee. Bottomless for the never ending and the constant refills required. And 007, since bottomless Coffee is a band (I never knew that before I googled it).

          But Bond is cool, always gets the gal and isn’t shy about his intentions.

          Coffee, interestingly enough, was what the colonies drank to avoid the tax on tea. It was a subtle way to rebuke the crown.

          Girl, no worries, when you come into the studio, you are incharge. We can talk about whatevs!

              1. Oh dear lawd, I’ve been trying to finish this response for like, ever! Anyway, I’d absolutely love to do the Tidepodcast on that day. But I’m leaving Sunday for Lubbock for a week and a half of training for work, so fun. Sarcasm intended, anyway can we reschedule for later this month? I’m so excited to be on your podcast, so let me know what you think?

                  1. Awesome BC, thank you so much! Believe me I’d much rather talk to you than go on this training with eight other coworkers. I’ll have to spend time with some of them who make me thankful to go home at the end of day, lol.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Ha, tell them about this weirdo online called bottomless Coffee 007. Then they can have their minds blown to such a degree that they might become speechless and motionless!

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