What does the Comparison to Developed Nations Really Mean?

When people reference “Developed Nations” for purposes of comparison, is that code for “Shithole”?


16 thoughts on “What does the Comparison to Developed Nations Really Mean?

  1. Who knows what anything means anymore?! I like to make up silly words, but I’ve watched regular words take on new meaning. Not that it’s all bad, but it can be confusing.
    If you figure it out, let the rest of us know👍

  2. hawk2017

    I feel that when a ‘developed nation’ starts Un-devloping. Homelessness, few private farms, cities where people deficate and urniate on public street and sidewalks. The dope addiction is from the street sellers and buyers not from doctors. The world accepts whosale slaughter in africa and asia. America has a paid Antifa and others who want Chaos.Insanity is prevelant. The MSM is propaganda now. Lies are the norm from the government of every county. There is a global world government coming. Now is the time to look to Christ Jesus. Ty. sweetie for reading.:)

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you for the solid comment. I just think that this is the way the world has always been. Just in the past 100 years or so, the depravity has become more prevalent and social acceptable.

      1. Marleen

        You go around arguing for anarchy in the world and creating chaotic conversations. But go ahead and feign disappointment in depravity. Sure.

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