I Hope You Get What You Want

The only lessons, are the ones that are self inflicted. I hope you get what you want, it’s the only way you will ever learn.

History is only one side of the story. History ignores nuance.


16 thoughts on “I Hope You Get What You Want

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      And so the world continues to turn and time stops for no one.

      We are fools if we ever believe we will attain paradise, as long as humans inhabit the earth, this exercise in insanity will continue.

      1. On Pinterest. Not that much of a death threat, to be honest.
        A pro-abortion person who said she felt “such rage” at my valuing the life of the unborn said that she hoped “someone puts you out of your misery”. Another added “I hope you fuck yourself with a rusty saw”.

  1. True. People can tell us their stories and experiences in the hopes that we’ll learn, but I’ve noticed (with myself in particular) that the only way it’ll truly sink in is if the person goes through it themselves – a rather painful and embarrassing way to learn, too.

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