Once All the “Assault Weapons” are Banned…

Then your hunting rifle will suddenly transform into a sniper rifle!


34 thoughts on “Once All the “Assault Weapons” are Banned…

  1. My daughter and I were talking about assault rifles and I was talking about why 2A was added and the government. She said ban them. For everyone, military too. Why do we need guns designed to inflict maximum damage in minimal time? I actually love the idea. Too bad it’s not possible.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah, I think the phrase “you first” is fitting in these scenarios. First disarm the military and police and the fbi, secret service, CIA, ATF, basically all of the agencies. Then ask citizens to throw down their arms. Funny how a well armed police force and military is a good thing, but an armed populace is not.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              The same can be done with an arrow, an airgun, a catapult, a car, a drone, an aircraft, watercraft, a dog, a bear, a spider, a virus, etc. you get my drift. Maybe a bridge collapses.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              Believe it or not, more people were killed 400 years ago than what are killed today, before guns. Somehow people were still murdered before gunpowder was invented.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      All three. People choke to death on food daily, people drown daily. Death is death, it doesn’t matter how it happened, all that matters is it did happen. And people expect us to care about this murder but not other murders or death.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I think people view Firearms in the wrong light. A firearm in the hands of an old lady levels the field. If we want to allow only the strongest to dominate, then getting rid of firearms is the way to go.

          1. Not gonna get rid of all firearms. I don’t think anyone really wants that. I don’t think we NEED the level of firepower available these days. In war or anywhere else.
            But true to the reason behind 2A, if the government has it, the citizens need comparable.
            Where does it end? Are we gonna have pocket nukes next? It’s all freaking ridiculous and terrifying!

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Yeah, but again “you first” I don’t trust anyone that much.

              Do you know how Filipino stick fighting came about? I can’t remember exactly who was ruling over the Philippines at the time, but they outlawed Filipinos from training with weapons or owning weapons for that matter. So, the Filipinos began to train with sticks, they portrayed it as a dance. Ultimately Filipino stick fighting is pretty savage, regardless of what the weapon is, anything and everything is a weapon when you’re desperate enough.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  I think people are getting wrapped around the axle of how they died. Believe it or not people die, it’s part of life. When a loved one dies, it’s us who remain who weren’t ready.

                  1. I think it’s more the why than the how. Oklahoma City was the same why. The guns just make it easier, they’re everywhere and very portable.
                    The REAL problem is people’s attitudes and dissatisfaction. No one would want to shoot up a random store or bar if they weren’t so unhappy. We’re fed a lie that we, as Americans are ENTITLED to some kind of lifestyle. The politicians blame xyz for us not having that lifestyle. The media reinforce that xyz is ruining it and social media BS perfect life pictures breed more unhappiness.

                    People need to wake up and start thinking for themselves.

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