Racism, the “Hemophiliac’s” Defense

Whenever I hear someone hide behind their race or attempt to win an argument by using race, I always think of a slap happy hemophiliac.

Imagine a hemophiliac that goes around punching and kicking people they don’t like. But once a person attempts to retaliate, the hemophiliac shrieks “I’m a hemophiliac”!

That’s what I hear whenever the term racism, or racist or sexist or xenophobic or any and all of the ics, isms and ists are tossed around so easily. It’s a coward’s last stand.


24 thoughts on “Racism, the “Hemophiliac’s” Defense

  1. Do you mean a person/group that sees “ism” everywhere or person/group calling out a specific incident?

    There are true incidents of “ism” and I don’t think it’s cowardly to call them out. People may not realize how an ingrained or taught action or thinking pattern affects the things they do or say. A “call out” doesn’t have to be an attack, btw. It can be a discussion.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I don’t really think any of the isms,ics or ists really exist they way they are portrayed. I like chicken nuggets and who am I to tell everyone that they need to love chicken nuggets also. I think the majority of things we debate are more subjective, yet we assume they are concrete. Not everyone sees the world the same way.

      1. If you decided that everyone that didn’t like chicken nuggets was a criminal or less intelligent or wouldn’t hire someone because they didn’t like chicken nuggets…
        Yes, it can be subjective but it can also be used by people with power against others

          1. Yep. I really enjoy that we can discuss things, disagree and still be civil and even friendly.
            I think that right there is what’s lost on so many people. You can have different opinions and ideas and still be decent and respectful.

              1. I was actually just thinking about that. I got a new phone so I should be able to download the Skype app. Time wise won’t be until after Labor Day. Ben is gonna be on his summer break after Friday. I’m lucky it’s only three weeks and not three months. Soooo… yeah, September. We’ll see how he settles back into school and if I need to spend the whole time he’s gone sleeping or if I can actually DO stuff. I totally want to do it!

            1. King Ben’s Grandma You are absolutely correct in that people can’t seem to be able to discuss anything anymore, especially when they disagree. That’s called a debate, and often times, that’s how we learn new things and new ideas. It’s sad that people have lost the art of debate and have reverted to calling each other all the “isms”. I think if we can’t be able to discuss things anymore, we are in big, big trouble.

  2. If there’s evidence of isms, ists, and/or ics, then that’s what is and needs to be addressed accordingly.
    If it walks like a🦆, quacks like a 🦆, then it’s a 🦆.

    When people are called out on it and their response is “oh, why you have to make it about ism, ics, and so forth” and they’re exhibiting that behavior, then they’re the problem for denying what they were doing and not taking responsibility to empathize and learn from their negative actions.
    Being called out with evidence is objective.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I think it’s like if I didn’t shower for a few days and people went out of their way to tell me that I stink. In reality, it’s not that I smell good or bad, more or less people are too obsessed with letting everyone know that they have been offended.

      So, if someone thinks I smell bad, then that is for them to deal with. I have no obligation to ensure that my odor doesn’t offend anyone or everyone.

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