Pride is a Coping Mechanism

Gay pride, white pride, black pride, straight pride, pride, pride, pride. American pride, Mexican pride, pride, pride, pride.

People exclaim pride due to anxiety. The proclamation of pride is a tactic used in an attempt to silence dissent. Pride, is a falsehood and it is often the undoing of the individual.

To announce pride, is merely the acknowledgment of unimportance and fragility.

Pride fraudulently marks perceived perfection. If something is perfect, it is finished, it is complete.

To be prideful is to be boastful. Pride encourages hubris, hubris is the downfall of man.

When a person announces their particular brand of pride, inherently they acknowledge their insecurities as their defining characteristics, yet it is the acceptance of others that dictates their life from that moment on.

Pride, never leads to anything good, for anyone.


38 thoughts on “Pride is a Coping Mechanism

  1. It depends on what kind of pride would lead someone to their downfall. If it’s a pride around white supremacy for example, then that’s a pride which centers around the belief that they know perfection.

    When others celebrate pride, they are proud of who and what they are, period. They’re not trying to spread an agenda to hurt or ridicule others.

    It maybe a coping mechanism in a way that shows that no more are a group of people being shoved away into the back of society; they were always here and have a voice.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Maybe, but if it was a pride about something natural, something they had zero control over, then why be proud of a characteristic that a person has no control over? Like the color of their skin, or their sexual preference, or where they were born.

      Because Scherezade, pride is all about being identified by a person’s insecurities.

      1. I totally disagree…
        How is being proud about one’s insecurities an issue?
        What is “pride about something natural”- skin color, sexual orientation, disabilities, are natural

        Being proud about something one has no control over, is something to indeed be proud of. Because of how society views those who are undesirable based on what they’re not comfortable with, is why pride is celebrated. Because those who are uncomfortable dont want to acknowledge what they deem undesirable.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly Scherezade, pride acknowledges insecurities and assigns them importance. Why would a person need society to accept them, perhaps they cannot accept themselves, so they blame society.

          If a person’s existence is based on whether society should accept them, that seems like a shallow life. A popularity contest.

          So, society deems who is desirable and who is undesirable? I guess if it is a person’s goal to fit in. I guess in that context, pride is about remaining mediocre, since mediocrity requires conformity.

          1. There’s being accepted in society and being acknowledged. It’s one thing if on an individual level, that one doesn’t care about who accepts them; but it’s another if a whole group of people are demonized, killed, maimed, and other horrific things have happened to over the course of history are looking to be included in a society.

            No one wants to be discriminated, pride is about feeling good about oneself and that they have a place in society.

            There are those who dont care and live off the grid, that’s them, there are others who feel that society needs to be correctly educated about what is being stereotyped

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Who Scherezade? Who, throughout history has been demonized, killed and maimed? Where has this taken place?

                  1. If I have to tell you all the people that have been hurt due to being different, ethnically not pleasing, or etc throughout history in any place, then I’m ending this conversation right here.

                    Because I’m sure this has to be clickbait

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So, Scherezade, throughout history, who has been immune from persecution due to differences? You stated throughout history, I guess it all depends on how far your willing to go back.

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Thank you for proving my point Scherezade. Pride is all about insecurities and social acceptance, because those who buy into pride, cannot accept themselves.

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Sure, it really doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, in the grand scheme. We fool ourselves every day.

  2. Wow! Harsh. Is it just the word “pride” and the meaning of that word, or do you think there’s a problem with people (mostly marginalized) finding acceptance and fellowship in groups of like-minded people? Or is it the actions of some groups you don’t like?
    I’m just curious where this train of thought started.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Pride denounces accomplishment, the color of a person’s skin, the sex, the sexual preference, the country a person was born in. All of these characteristics are out of a person’s control, therefore, no achievement was succeeded. Merely circumstance. If pride is about celebrating that which a person has no control over, the pride seems very unstable and likely to crumble under the slightest pressure or question.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      If a person is confident, then they shouldn’t require the pride of others. If a person lacks confidence, then that is their own choice. Citing pride is a false sense of security.

      1. Okay, I think I see where you’re going with this… one should only take credit or be happy about actual accomplishments, not any part of how they were born? That if they have to shout about it, they’re not *really* secure. If they were it would just be another part of the set, like shoe size?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yes Granny. An accomplishment, in my opinion is not life defining, therefore being proud of an accomplishment is short lived. A series of accomplishments can be life defining, but accomplishments usually require grit and determination. For a person to boast about pride incessantly for a characteristic that they have no control over, incredibly weak and questionable at best.

        2. Maybe “pride” isn’t a good word. When I think of any group and their “pride” I think more of comfort and strength in the group.
          We all get comfort and strength by joining with people who share things with us. Maybe “fellowship” is a better word.

          1. bottomlesscoffee007

            Perhaps Granny. But have you ever noticed that pride, whether white, gay, black, American, etc. denotes a certain demand for adherence? If a person states they are not proud of America, immediately that is taken as a person is against America. Pride creates sides, and erases indifference. Your are either with a certain pride or you are against a certain pride. Is indifference even tolerated anymore?

            1. We certainly seem to have become more polarized. I don’t know if we really ARE or if the media is just hyping it. I’m a live and let live kind of gal. There are things I feel strongly about but I’m not gonna shove down anyone else’s throat. At the same time, I WILL speak out about it.
              We see what the media wants us to see beyond our what we can actually observe. It’s all a huge screwed up mess!

  3. Crank Turner

    I disagree with your interpretation of Pride. It does not “fraudulently mark perceived perfection”. Having gay pride, for example, does not necessarily mean a person is gay. Nor does it acknowledge their insecurity as a defining characteristic.
    The definition of what it means to have pride in something is up to that person to define.
    Firstly, having gay pride does not automatically mean that individual is gay.
    Secondly, I would say that a person with gay pride is fundamentally a supporter of the gay community. That is a person who empathizes with the LGBTQ community and is not going to hide their support.
    To me, having gay pride means that a person has the self confidence to stand and demonstrate their support for their fellow man (The word man is used in the context of human, of course, not to denote sex) regardless of the social consequences.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Where do you stand on white pride, or straight pride? What about American pride? Why is pride synonymous with homosexuality? Thank you for proving my point.

      If you noticed, in my opening, I also cited white pride and straight pride and American pride. Pride, regardless of what type precedes the word pride is all the same. Weak and fragile.

  4. Interesting perspective. Don’t know that I 100% agree, but interesting.
    (Although with regard to some of the other comment conversations: sexual orientation/preference IS a choice, unlike ethnicity etc).

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