Beer Goggles: Banandor, Ben, Steve and Coffee discuss Social Media vs. Traditional Media: TidePodcast Episode 94


6 thoughts on “Beer Goggles: Banandor, Ben, Steve and Coffee discuss Social Media vs. Traditional Media: TidePodcast Episode 94

  1. Wow…I listened to the whole podcast Coffee.
    I think you guys summed up why I tune out whenever politics is on the news. I don’t turn to the internet for any kind of news., I normally content myself with the BBC coverage – but I take things with a pinch of salt.
    The debate over whether it is easier to do bad today was interesting. I understand that people leave a digital footprint and all, so technically it is easier for people to be caught out, but I think there are more peeps doing horrid, absurd, disturbing things than ever, and not even caring about the consequences.
    I don’t take sides or get involved in politics, neither do I wish to be disrespectful as such, but how can anyone really put their trust in something so crumbly, shaky, fickle. I obey laws and pay my taxes and appreciate the relative stability as well as a bunch of services that governments provide – but while the entire commercial system allows such shocking extremes in wealth and puts monetary gain so high up the list of priorities, it all feels grossly inadequate.

    It’s sometimes hard to give a 100% balanced and unbiased opinion…but I can understand why many people seem indifferent and distrusting. I understand why people vent their frustrations. But as an individual I try to do my best to be an honest law abiding citizen and let the government get on with their job. I hear people making very unbalanced remarks about the political situation here in the UK, and for the most part I try to step away from those conversations because if you try to suggest to someone else that what they are saying is not wholly accurate or balanced, they think you are supporting “the other side”, which I am not.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The polarization has become more and more pronounced Caramel, I agree with your synopsis. We can try to convince ourselves that “we” got it right, that “we” know the “truth” or what is really going on, but in my opinion, we are all the cat chasing the laser dot when it comes to these mediums. I think we only see and hear what is approved for public consumption by unknown entities and by ambiguous criteria.

      Thanks for the listen Caramel!

  2. You have to remember that different people use social media in different ways. Many people disregard or block all political posts. People in general are totally burned out on this stuff. My kids think Facebook is for old people. They use Instagram more . Snap chat is something I haven’t even tried and don’t plan to, but even little kids use it. As for researching, you can go to Wikipedia sometimes and find good links to original data. But really in the end, unless we saw something with our own eyes, we have to decide who to trust. I like to ask myself, who stands to gain in this situation? Or like one of you said, what are they trying to distract us from by this?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      A person has to decide for themselves. Not putting their trust into any organization dedicated to profit.

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