Hank Strange talks the 2A, His Journey from Music Producer in NYC and New Jersey to GunTuber in Florida and what Inspires Him: TidePodcast Episode 93

“Hank Strange is an Enthusiastic Supporter of The Second Amendment, An Avid Filmmaker, Writer, Blogger, Music Producer and Digital Artist.

Hank is a Prolific YouTube Content Creator having Published over 1000 Videos to date relating to Lifestyle in the realms of Firearms, Cars and Technology.

A Proud American Citizen Since 2003 Hank was born of Mixed Race Parentage (his Father having African Ancestry and his Mother being of East Indian Ancestry amongst others) in Guyana, South America.

He has traveled to a few places in the world with his Family living in London, England, and Nigeria in West Africa before settling in NYC.

Hank & His Wife Lola are both Federal Firearms Licensees and currently live and work in Florida. Passionately Pursuing The Lifestyles Of The Locked And Loaded!

Tune in to the daily Gun Culture News “Podshow” Who Moved My Freedom PodShow on the Lifestyles of the Locked and Loaded youtube channel. Hank’s work can also be seen on Hank Strange Gun Streamer.com

~Copied from the Hank Strange YouTube Channel~

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If your are intrigued by the Second Amendmet and want an honest discussion: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.Hank Strange can help you out.


19 thoughts on “Hank Strange talks the 2A, His Journey from Music Producer in NYC and New Jersey to GunTuber in Florida and what Inspires Him: TidePodcast Episode 93

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  2. I love that NY accent. 🙂 But I’m really confused about what you said about Trump’s gun policies. Can you do a podcast or blog explaining more of what he has done regarding gun rights? Even my husband who listens to talk radio daily did not know anything about Trump being less than pro-gun. Happy Friday!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      1. National Reciprocity: Trump had platformed on passing National Reciprocity for CCW (Concealed Permits) when he was camping in 2015-2016. Just like how your Driver’s License is good in all 50 states and you are free to express yourself and exercise your 1A rights. The 2A seems to vary from state to state and a CCW permit, depending on the state only honors some other states and visa versa. So far, during his presidency he has actually gone in the opposite direction. I will explain more throughout.

      2. The Hearing Protection Act, which would decriminalize silencers and suppressors and make them accessible without a background check and a $200 NFA processing fee. Has been D.O.A. Since the inauguration.

      3. Trump, talking with Feinstein and others after the Las Vegas massacre stated “let’s take the guns first and do Due Process later”.

      4. FIX NICS was wrapped up in the Omnibus Spending Bill back in March, 2018. The legislators claimed that the current background check system needed to be overhauled (since criminals always follow the letter of the law). We’ve had background checks since the Firearm Owners Protection Act of 1986 (Reagan, who supported the Brady Bill, who enacted gun control, yet many forget). So now, law abiding citizens are under even more scrutiny, when attempting to exercise their 2A right.

      5. Trump has stated publicly and the NRA has stated publicly that they support “Red Flag Laws”. What a Red Flag Laws is…it creates a “Minority Report” per say atmosphere. Wherein, a person can be reported to federal and local Law Enforcement by their family, friends, neighbors, Doctors, Medical Professionals and so on. Reporting “suspicious” or “dangerous” behavior to a judge, the person being reported is not notified and there is no notification to them until the police show up at their home to confiscate their firearms. Then they are notified by the courts and if they want to get their firearms back and be able to exercise their 2A right, they must appear before a judge to prove their “sanity” per say. So, in short, a crime was never committed, yet they are labeled “dangerous to themselves or others” and now they must prove their innocence and sanity.

      6. Bump stock ban. Trump, via executive order outlawed the ownership and usage of Bump stocks. There was no buy back program, the ones that were already out in public were not grandfathered in. If a person did not comply with the ban, they are basically felons. Not for actually committing a crime, but rather refusing to comply with an executive order that did not go through the legislative process to become an actual law. Trump created felons with the swipe of his pen.

      7. Pending suppressor ban. Trump has stated that he doesn’t care for silencers or suppressors (both terms mean the same thing) after the latest VA shooting which involved a silencer.

      Trump along with the NRA and many, practically all of the Republicans are advocating for more and more gun control. While Trump continues to strip us of our 2A rights, he has no problem being protected by those same devices he claims to distain so much.

      I do not think Trump will enact any more gun control during this term, but I am afraid he will enact more during his second if he wins.

      I’m going to attach a few videos to this comment, if they don’t go through, look up:

      – “T-Rex Arms Everything You’re Not Supposed to Know About Suppressors” https://youtu.be/1VWcGwPJQfc

      – “President Trump Take Away Gun’s” https://youtu.be/30E5P12DVEk

      – Lindsey Graham Red Flag Laws https://youtu.be/5RmWhfAkqCA



      Finally a question, if a person is not fit to be a complete and total citizen, whether mental or past criminal activity, then why are they out in public? All of this is akin to when Obama wanted to restrict gun rights of a person was on the no fly list. Yet it seems to me that everyone turns their attention away from Trumps continued attacks on the 2A.

      1. Thank you. Disturbing for sure, but are Democrats any better on this? Freedom is definitely at risk , in the name of public safety. I had an Australian Social Worker on WordPress tell me that our country could learn from them on gun laws.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          The dems are worse, but what is scarier to me is that the many supporters of trump seem to be ok with Trump’s brand of gun control. If we cannot hold those we voted for accountable, then why even vote? We’re gonna get screwed either way. Gun control is gun control, regardless of who implements it.

          Your friend is right, Australia is none the safer with their vast gun control measures. Guns are practically illegal in France, but that didn’t stop the terrorist massacre that took place there in November, 2015.


        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          If a president can by executive order, completely side stepping the legislative process outright ban features and accessories that have no function on their own…that is quite scary to me. What is even scarier is that it seems that the majority of his supporters have no issue with his blatant disregard for the rights of the citizens of America and the 2A.

        3. bottomlesscoffee007

          We can look at the dems all day and talk about how bad they are, but if we cannot hold our own accountable, then what is even the point anymore?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Republican in name only, Democrat in name only. Both parties are the exact same, at the level they are at, parties are for the people, these representatives are above us and untouchable.

              1. That’s depressing . It’s all bumming me out. When we were young, we hung out with a group of friends who ride Harley’s. Not outlaws, good people. I had a fantasy of living together in a happy biker commune . Real life gets me down. This heat and humidity gets me down . Sorry , I’m in a mood . Gotta go cook breakfast . That’ll cheer me up. Have a good weekend!

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