Beer Goggles: Ben, RamRod and Coffee discuss Feminism and What Exactly is the Endgame: TidePodcast Episode 90

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36 thoughts on “Beer Goggles: Ben, RamRod and Coffee discuss Feminism and What Exactly is the Endgame: TidePodcast Episode 90

  1. The title caught my eye and I had a little free time so I listened. I was expecting an entirely different conversation. Shame on me! I stopped after about 45 minutes (sorry) but WOW! Excellent conversation👏 I was talking back to you guys, did ya hear me?!😂 I didn’t catch who was who of the other guys so I can’t comment on specific points but all three of you guys had some good points.
    On feminism I will say that it has become an extreme like every other issue out there. There are groups that shout very loud but don’t necessarily reflect the majority. I think most women just want equal access, equal opportunity and of course equal pay. I don’t think most women blame men so much as ask them to accept that men have had the power and now they need to share.

  2. A good debate.
    The whole debate around the female US soccer team is stupid. Paid equally? How? Why? They do not have as many spectators as the men’s team. They don’t get as many sponsors. They don’t play as many matches in the tournament as the male teams. How would equal pay be fair? Oh, I just answered my own question – it’s actually never about equality. It’s a way to get more for “me”.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Goldie, that’s my take away as well. Ben said it, they don’t truly want to be equal, because then, they will have nothing left to complain about.

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  4. Boys ,boys, boys ! 😁 Just stop . You’ll never understand normal women , much less these feminist warrior types . You can’t please them! I love your attempts to make sense of the insanity. Good job! But don’t expect them to applaud you . They’ll find some way to find fault. Like liberalism, feminism is a mental and emotional problem in most cases, a power grab or way to justify not actually contributing to society . The whole thing is men and women are different! Hormones matter! After menopause, women become more like men. And when men’s testosterone levels drop , they act and think more like women ! It’s science . Happy full moon 🌕! And God bless America and our president! Pray for him. 🇺🇸

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s exactly what feminism would have you believe. We weren’t discussing normal women or girls, rather the ideology of feminism and how no matter what they always find reas

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yeah, I agree. None of these “oppressed” groups want equality, they want superiority. That is until their bs is called out and now women are by law supposed to sign up for selective service as well on their 18th birthday. Yet, it doesn’t seem like they are too happy about that equality.

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          In my opinion, it is important to discuss these types of topical things. The reason is, that these perverse ideologies feed on the weak minded and they inspire the inexperienced. When we discuss them honestly and openly, that is how we counter their nonsense.

          1. That’s true , if they listen . But I think it would’ve been helpful to have a woman in on this conversation. Of course not every woman agrees with my perspective, the Christian , over-50 , sahm perspective.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              If be happy to get more women on the show. Unfortunately though, we work with what we got. Kate has been out for over a month now, and I haven’t been able to get a woman on the show since.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              At the same time, with us discussing it without women doesn’t take away from the point. Sure, maybe we missed some things, maybe we got somethings wrong. But overall, men and boys should be discussing this as well.

              That is how men and boys become feminists. Because they don’t have the proper male role models and this could be considered “taboo” for men to discuss feminism.

              The more we talk and communicate, the easier and better it becomes for all. Miscommunication and misconceptions lead to more harm and disaster than practically anything else.

              1. This is why it’s so detrimental for public schools to be mostly controlled and taught by women. Boys need male role models and perspectives.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Now I understand what you are getting at, it took me awhile to think about. The conversation wasn’t about who should do what, rather, calling bullshit on the narrative. At least from my perspective. In the sense that if you claim that you are not equal, yet you wish to ascend to equality, nothing is holding you back from getting after it yourself. That’s what I thought the podcast was about, then again, we all hear and process differently.

                  Thanks for the listen and the feedback PK.

                  1. I agree that the narrative is BS , as far as that yes, women are already legally free in America and other modern countries to work and achieve and excel as far as they desire to push themselves, to the best of their personal abilities. Just like men. They cry foul too often and yes, I think sometimes they regret it later. Sorry if my comments weren’t clear. I usually listen while running, and my brain was probably severely overheated yesterday, so sometimes I forget parts of the podcast. I try to remember what I want to say when I finish my run. It would be fun to be there with y’all and join in the conversation. Also I missed the last part of the podcast because my phone went crazy. Guess it got overheated , too. I need to go back and finish it.

            3. bottomlesscoffee007

              Hormones may matter, but as the mother of teenagers, I’m sure you don’t allow their hormones to excuse bad behavior.

              1. No , of course not . I’m just saying hormones make men and women inherently different . Different hormones actually produce different motivations , impulses, goals, desires , reasoning ability, patience , endurance, etc . Women are genetically created to reproduce humans . But in our modern medical age, those features are often altered by hormonal contraceptives. You’d be shocked at the effect these pills have on many women’s mental and physical health. Also women are meant to feed babies by their breasts. This produces a wonderful hormone called prolactin that helps you feel loving toward the baby and bond with it ! These things are the chemically altered food and water are messing with a sensitive system . But as far back as Eve women have wanted to usurp man’s control . But even if you don’t believe what the Bible clearly teaches about men and women’s purposes, you can’t ignore the science .

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Exactly right PK. I wholeheartedly agree. When are you gonna come on a drop some knowledge on me and the listeners. This is why I constantly seek out guests. I can only speak of my experiences and opinions. I want the conversation to be open and honest.

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