If You Live by the Sword…

The ebb and flow of politics and the ever changing social and political atmosphere of not only America but the entire world.

If you live by whomever the president is, perhaps you will also die by whomever the president is.

If you cannot maintain your own independence on a personal level, if your cannot maintain independence within your own home, perhaps you do not deserve independence.

Say whatever you want, create your own justifications as to why the president is the king of the world and the emperor of your very soul.

In the end, you are either independent or you are not independent. When your livelihood is completely dependent on who sits in the Oval Office, perhaps you should reassess.

You choose what and whom you will devote your energy to.

Choose wisely…

If you continually allow outside forces to dictate your path, you will never be truly free.


26 thoughts on “If You Live by the Sword…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Oh yeah Racquel. Look at how people acted when Obama was elected. I’m sure you know people who felt he and Michelle were the bees knees and they could do no wrong. It’s the same today, people think that trump is holier than though, people think that no matter what trump needs to be ousted. People really put too much faith in the president, just like how people fall in love with actors from a movie.

      It’s all fantasy Racquel, we buy into the storyline.

      If anyone’s level of independence is directly related to whomever is in the Whitehouse, then they were never and probably will never be truly independent, they are actually quite dependent.

          1. It isn’t!

            I subscribe to the bullshit time and time again so unfortunately I’m not one of the independent ones, but I’m glad that you are.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I ain’t there yet, but one day I hope to fulfill my debts and obligations. I’m on the path though.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              You see, it is my opinion that none of us are truly independent or free until we have satisfied our obligations and we have paid back our debts.

              The more debt a person incurs, the less choices they have to make, the less free and independent they are.

              People are afraid to speak up and be who they are, why, because they realize they have debt and they cannot lose their jobs. People are living on the razors edge, a slight bump in the road and they could experience catastrophic loss.

              The first step towards independence is paying off your debt completely. Once a person has achieved zero debt, they are no longer beholden to anyone but themselves.

              Once a person achieves zero debt, then they can actually choose for themselves instead of their debtors.

              If we cannot fulfill our obligations and pay off our own debt, salvation from any political party will simply cement our servitude. We as individuals signed up for the debts we as individuals have. Whether that’s monetary, health, education, etc. every single decision we make that requires the “assistance” of others simply limits what options we have remaining for ourselves, since we can no longer put ourselves first, the debt is first.

              If a person is to be independent, they must break the chains of assistance, of forgiveness, of anything that requires to be paid before you.

              If all of your money goes to taxes and bills and loans, you only have what is left. Take control for once and pay off your debt, quit giving your money away. Pay yourself before you pay someone else.

              If a person owns outright everything they have, they can actually live the life they want. They don’t have to work a job they hate, they don’t have to go to school, they can travel whenever they feel like it, they can relax, they can actually begin to enjoy life, rather than just slugging it out trying to finance more stuff, rather than waiting on the president or the next president to fix their problems.

            3. bottomlesscoffee007

              Perhaps if more Americans were truly independent and financially independent, perhaps America wouldn’t be this politically divided.

  1. Marleen

    I don’t have any debt, and I don’t know what the president has to do with it. If I were a billionaire, then maybe I’d know. In 2008, both (main) candidates were planning to bail out the rich folks and their entities; I didn’t vote for either one of them. I feel responsible to vote, though, so I picked someone else on the ballot.

    As for not being in debt. There was a time that I didn’t have what most people would think of as debt. But I was living in an apartment. You have to sign a contract for that, as they don’t want transients for a month or hit-and-miss various amounts of time. And this means you will owe them or have to settle with them if you leave early.

    Do you plan on living in your car or a traveling van when you’re out of debt? Or are you in the process of paying off a house? There again, though, then you still have to pay property tax(s) each year. Maybe you’ll stay in motels?

    Anyway, I have no idea how a president would “dictate” my “path.” Nevertheless, I am concerned for people in the armed forces who have to answer to a nut job. (And this is one area of government that seems to have an endless non-budget budget. And it’s not because they take care of the troops.)

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      If you have no debt then your richer than most, you come across like a rich lady, demanding that others care for that which you do. What is holding you back from leading the way Marleen? Why do you expect others to do that which you refuse to do yourself? If nothing is holding you back, what’s the real holdup then?

  2. Marleen

    I don’t know where you think you’re coming from. I don’t think anyone is supposed to do anything for me. We all vote (in addition to whatever else we do). [Who knows, maybe you really don’t.] When I post here, I’m responding to the things you say, as if you vote. (In fact, you wouldn’t have an “adult conversation” [as you put it] at someone else’s site but invited me here.) That’s as pointless here as elsewhere. You go ahead and go vote on something that when someone responds to it you break down into things — apparently almost everything — that have nothing “directly” to do with you… which is exactly what you were talking about when you began (that you said you were indeed going to vote on). But it’s you, so it’s all good.

    I’m not rich (while I realize there are people in dire circumstances comparatively), but I guess you look down on anyone who has gotten to the point of what you’re trying to promote (ostensively) and do; no real talking to someone like that. [My not being rich is not meant as an “answer” to your evaluation about volunteering, or not. That’s off-topic and not something I’ll get into. As I said, I have responded to your subject matter, which subject matter is a ruse.] Lastly, I don’t know what you think anybody can do about the military itself (other than* selling them arms and promoting more wars — and maybe voting… in some effort, no matter how minor). In your words, there’s no better system. I’m not sure that’s so. Maybe. As I can vote, I will.

    * Yeah… that is not something I have anything to do with, in case that’s the next place your mind is going to wander. As I said earlier, I’m not a billionaire… not even a millionaire (in this moment when we’ve gone to speaking more of billionaires — and mega-millionaires since Bernie wrote a book and is a millionaire).

    He’s also s friend of Tulsi’s, by the way. Last little tidbit.

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