Does the 2020 Election Come Down to Abortion?

Jobs, the economy, debt forgiveness, reparations, health care, gun control, free college, immigration…do these plans and stances pale in comparison to abortions?

I wonder if the next presidential election will hinder on whether or not the nation either accepts or rejects abortion?


16 thoughts on “Does the 2020 Election Come Down to Abortion?

  1. I doubt very much that it will. People’s minds are pretty much made up about who (meaning which party) they’ll vote for so it seriously doesn’t matter.

  2. Like Rakkelle, I don’t think any of those issues will really be the issue. It will just be Trump vs. who can beat him. Everything else will be smoke and mirrors.

  3. It’s gonna be Trump vs whoever wins the Dem nomination. Most of the “issues” have already been divided up into red and blue, which sucks because not everyone is all red or all blue

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the biggest problem in my opinion. We are constantly reduced between choosing the lesser of two evils. That very dynamic ensures that whoever is elected, is basically granted immunity from going back on their promises.

  4. It is a very divisive issue.
    All I know for sure, is when you make
    something illegal, the criminals of the
    underground take over … and things
    become even more lethal.

  5. I guess which issue is the “deciding” one (if any) will vary by individual voter. Abortion & religious freedom were the main issues for me in the May 2019 Australian federal election.

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