Absolute Power, Absolutely Corrupts

The worship of false idols, and false pretenses has always been the unraveling. Build a Christian society, a Muslim society, a Jewish society, a society based on Science or a society dedicated to equality, the outcome is always the same. The society becomes more valuable than the individual values and beliefs of it’s citizens.

The idea that any group can truly uphold the values that it espouses is time and time again proven to be false. No nation or society or civilization has ever stood the test of time or of humanity, since eventually it’s founders and leaders will always be found to have failed to live up to the societal standards they mandate everyone else follow and live by.

Our history is the perfect example of insanity. Time and time again, we lead ourselves to believe that we can change, that we can do better. The purest of intentions is always the basis of domination and subjugation. Since in the end, all that is fought over is the persistence of the society, not the individual.

Without consent we are mired in of our own volition. We decide who is granted entry and who must be tossed out, since it is our society that is valued above all.

When all that is required for war is justification, eventually we may be justly adjudicated, since it’s our civilization that is in duress.

Who among us is without sin? Who among us will step forward to be the judges?

After all, when it comes to humanity, it doesn’t matter what did or did not happen, all that matters is whether or not you can get away with it. The perverse nature of justification, is that it is encouraged to be justified.

Absolute power, absolutely corrupts. Society is valued above all else. All you must do is pitch a better justification, it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong, just as long as you attract followers.

We all have an asshole, and it always smells like shit. The asshole always gets the blame, but the asshole is simply reactionary. Fail to care for your asshole, eventually your asshole will fuck you up.


23 thoughts on “Absolute Power, Absolutely Corrupts

  1. We do indeed live in a sinful fallen world and we see the consequences of that all around us every day. I am very glad we have a Savior, because man oh man do we need one! As you said, we have all sinned. Just like Romans 3:23 says. And just like verse 24 says, we can all be saved out of this madness through faith in Jesus. I agree, we cannot uphold Christianity on our own. That is why God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us. You tell like it is brother! Hope you are having a blessed summer! Thanks again for having me on your show a few months back. Had a good time talking with you! God bless!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thank you Ryan, I had a blast talking with you as well. It seems to me that the individual no longer is of any consequence. People champion the society over the individual. There are true believers and then there are those who simply are looking for a place to hang out. Jesus was alone in the desert and he looked to his father for guidance and counsel.

      In my opinion, people these days are afraid to stand on their own. Simply look to God and one will have all the strength they will ever need. The support of man always proves to come up short, when their society is in ruins. The world is on fire and has been since Adam was exiled from eden. The world in the sense of man is simply attempting to justify their existence while in tandem justifying the extermination of the other.

      Man does not have the answer, and we never will as long as we continue to attempt to overthrow God with our own hubris. Either we know all or we know nothing, there is no middle ground. Society is the and has always been the undoing of the individual and their journey to faith in God. Either champion society or champion God.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I don’t know Jeanne. Just had this thought for awhile now. I’m not sure yet if I’m ready to jump back in. If I have more ideas, yes, if not then no.

          1. Nice to see a post from you! I agree that a vast majority of the “leaders” are horrible people not practicing what they preach. I *do* believe we can have a society that recognizes individual rights and protects the whole. I think rather than religion we should look to basic ethics. Most (maybe ALL, I don’t know) religions have basic ethics as part of their tenets. Do unto others etc.
            We can work together, with respect and tolerace, and still hold our own beliefs. When I rule the world anyway😂

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Granny, aloha. I think that society is dependent in whether or not an individual wants to be part of that society or not.

              Take socialism for example, socialism only works where everyone is in agreement. Like a hippie commune persay. The same is true of any society in my opinion. Society seems to be the anti of the individual. In order for any society to continue on, sacrifices are expected and often those sacrifices are not the volunteers. In my opinion the society immediately takes precedent over the individual.

              Unfortunately though, societies may be built on good intentions, but sadly as the society evolves, so do its leaders and the overall needs and wants of that society as well.

              A colony may flee persecution, but eventually if that colony thrives, eventually the individuals living in that society may be deemed dangerous to the continuance of the society.

              So, in turn, it’s the society that is championed and no longer the individual.

              Society and civilization is the death of the individual.

              I can blame the society, or I can blame the individual, regardless though in the grand scheme. Blame the asshole for what the hands and mouth do, it’s how we continue to shift blame away and justify actions in our favor.

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              The religious will say that we must cut out the cancer that could be the demise of our religion.

              The scientific would say that we must cut out the cancer that distracts from our lessons and research

              The equality would say that we must cut out the cancer that challenges our current idea of equality.

              All ideologies are the same, there are followers and their are detractors, no society wholeheartedly practices self reflection and ultimately that is why civilizations have fallen. Not from loosing a battle, but from blaming the identified assholes they deem unworthy and unacceptable.

              Eventually everyone wakes up from the self induced mirage they have fooled themselves into buying into. For some it’s early, for others it is too late. We all pay the full price for our choices, eventually.

              1. Okay, after much reflection, I’ve decided that you can be my assistant ruler of the world.😉😂
                Seriously though, we have very different ideas but the same *basic* idea. I wish more people would learn to accept that people can work together without having to be clones or drones.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  We all bring something different to the table. Does that mean that I won’t have as much responsibility as you? I don’t really like responsibility.

  2. Well, hello.

    Worshiping anything outside of ourselves does nothing except distance us from dealing with ourselves. And, those that make up the rules rarely follow them. As long as we think that “someone over there” is going to fix everything, nothing will change.

    Change starts with oneself.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      If we cannot hold ourselves as individuals accountable, then how can we expect anyone else to?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              How it has always been and how it will always be. The only rebels that remain, kissed the ring.

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