“Why I Have Major Issues With President Trump for 2020” Reid Henrichs


12 thoughts on ““Why I Have Major Issues With President Trump for 2020” Reid Henrichs

  1. When I found out that Trump signed an executive order to pretty much destroy tracking the GMOs in food…I’m done. He can piss off.

    Then, there is the problem of “War with Iran”. Really? ENOUGH already. This planet is tired of war.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s what I struggle with. Maybe I can’t see the forest from the trees. I think he is the best option out there so far, but at the same time, how much more is expected of me to forego and compromise on? I’m so lost and confused.

      1. You are not alone, Coffee. I have always felt we dodged an HRC bullet but, he is just as bad in different ways.

        Keep in mind…a Prez is a figurehead. They are merely a face for the public to see. Every Prez in my life made promises to be elected and, when in office, back-pedaled. Some of it is show…some if it is, his *handlers* guide him. Trump has done about-faces on many things. That is a clear indication of puppet masters in the background.

        No one *rules* without assistance. Everything you are watching is carefully planned for a desired outcome. I am just hoping humanity rises up and says no more. If not, the 5G debacle is going to REALLY wake people up. We are looking at a possible ELE.

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