Why is it, That All of the People that Support Abortion, Have Already Been Born?

Just a simple question.

Do you know the answer?


54 thoughts on “Why is it, That All of the People that Support Abortion, Have Already Been Born?

  1. Because someone realized a heartbeat IS a life… And Sucking a baby apart verses killing an innocent kid walking home in a hoodie, is the same…. Murder.

  2. I am guessing you mean “the people who support the right to legal abortion”… Which doesn’t mean that the same people are against children being born in general. A lot of people who do support such a right have or will have children of their own. On top of that, their birth wasn’t their choice, but their parents’…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      No, that’s not what I meant. So, the choice to be born or not to be born, rests solely on the parents? So, the baby doesn’t have any rights, let alone, the right to chose to live or die?

      Should a person be allowed to commit suicide if they so chose?

      1. Unfortunately. When there are many options to avoid the situation then why this is is the main choice. Call me a conformist but I support abortion only when it’s medically advised.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Because it is considered unfair to expect people to exercise self control. I guess sex these days is expected and many cannot control their urges, so killing the baby suddenly becomes viable.

          Regardless of circumstance, as long as laws are upheld either pro or against, and tax dollars are used, these decisions will be decided and debated in the public square.

          If someone wants to make their own decisions, regardless of circumstance, then they must fund their decision, themselves.

  3. hawk2017

    All humans are a reflection of God’s creation of a soul(desire for God) and only God is Omnescient(all knowing) therefore only He has the right to judge life. Commandment: Thou shalt no do murder.

  4. Anonymous

    Do you think that the unborn would like equality, I mean a real shot at life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, income equality, education equality etc. Or do they just want to get born. Also, does God have a plan? And where in the bible does it say abortion is wrong? which verse? I mean a kid in a hoodie is wrong to murder for sure, but what about a non-viable ball of cells inside a woman who can’t support the upcoming birth? Can we remove a ball of cells? Remove what is essentially a parasite as it cannot live outside the womb on its own without some (evil) scientist keeping it alive in a lab. Yes, the mother shouldn’t have been such a whore, obviuosly, But what about the father? If he’s out there carelessly flinging his seed about, getting women pregnant out of wedlock, should be be forced to get a vessectame? Just a thought.
    Also, everyone who argues against abortion has been born too. -Steve

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Whoa, pump da brakes there sir, science is pure and true, therefore I denounce your casual ability to forsake any purveyor of science as “evil”! For heavens sake, in the name of science.

  5. What is the difference between ‘aborting’ a child born alive – ie murdering it and killing an adult? I’m talking about a child that can survive outside the womb.
    Is killing an adult not merely retroactive abortion? Why is one murder a crime and the other isn’t?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I guess the question comes down to, what killing/murder is acceptable by society at large? Does the little person have a say…or does majority rule?

  6. Let me try this again, since the first time I posted this strangely never showed up.

    All of the people who support abortion, AS WELL AS all of the people who oppose abortion have already been born. Because before one is born, one is incapable of having, much less expressing, an opinion in support of or in opposition to anything.

      1. I responded on your post directly, but just in case In doesn’t go through, a baby who hasn’t breached the womb is incapable of having or expressing an opinion about anything.

          1. Well, your opinion is that fetus can either support or oppose abortion. Mine is that it cannot. Your opinion is that an embryo and a fetus are a human life. Mine is that they have the POTENTIAL to be a human life, but are not until they are born or can survive outside of the womb, which is medically feasible at about 24 weeks after conception. Your opinion is that destroying a fetus is murder. Mine is that it’s not. In fact, recent research suggests that far more pregnancies end in miscarriages than in abortions. Which means that your God is the world’s most prolific abortionist.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              If it’s a fetus, then why morn a miscarriage? If it is a fetus, then why would pregnant women need medical excuses for work and reserved parking spaces at the hospital? If it is a fetus, then why take any precaution at all? If it is not a life until birth, then pregnant women should get no special treatment.

              How would you define a pregnancy for the world Fandango? Can you define pregnancy?

              1. Any time anyone has hope for a baby, they have the right to mourn for what could have been if the pregnancy fails. You ask, “If it is a fetus, then why take any precaution at all?” Because that fetus, when carried to term, has the potential to be a human baby, so why not do everything you can to protect the health of the mother and ensure that the fetus evolves into a healthy baby? Why shouldn’t a woman who is pregnant and carrying a potential life get special treatment?

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  It seems like your playing with words to justify your stance. Is it a fetus or a baby?

                  Is abortion, in how you just described it, ending a life?

                  1. It’s a fetus until it’s a baby, and it’s a baby when it is born. Is killing a tadpole ending the life of a frog? Is killing a caterpillar ending the life of a butterfly? Is breaking an egg ending the life of a chicken? Is killing a maggot ending the life of a fly?

                    1. A tadpole is not a frog until it is a frog. A caterpillar is not a butterfly until it’s a butterfly. A maggot is not a fly until it’s fly. A fetus is not a baby until it’s a baby. And it’s baby when it’s born.

                  1. Medical science and common sense. If a fetus is a baby, why don’t they call a zygote, an embryo, and a fetus a baby? Why are there different words used to describe what they are. Because it’s not yet a baby, just like a tadpole is not yet a frog or a caterpillar is not yet a butterfly.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Is common sense subjective? As far as science is concerned. Have you heard that the Kilogram has recently been re-defined? If a unit of measure is up for debate, then I hardly think the science is as conclusive as you seem to believe.

                    2. The beauty of science is that, as new information is discovered, science embraces it and incorporates it once it has been conclusively validated. Unlike religion, which rejects change and embraces only archaic myths and superstitions above all else.

                    3. As I said, show me proof and I’ll give my heart and my mind. I just have yet to see any. Perhaps you should open up your heart and mind to those who are different from you.

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