Conservative Nation along with his “Critical 8” Discuss Abortions, Democrat 2020 Hopefuls and Voting Booth Security: TidePodcast Episode 83

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9 thoughts on “Conservative Nation along with his “Critical 8” Discuss Abortions, Democrat 2020 Hopefuls and Voting Booth Security: TidePodcast Episode 83

  1. How’s it going 007? You couldn’t find any women for your discussion on abortion? 😉 How about this , keep abortion legal, but require sterilization with the first abortion. Many women have repeat abortions ( child murders) before they decide to let one live and raise it. This requirement might make them think twice about 1)getting pregnant from hooking up on Tinder and 2) aborting that first baby. Thank you to the guy who said that babies are viable at 24 weeks, but it can be earlier thanks to modern NICUs. At the very least, I say we should NEVER use tax dollars for abortion. As for some states allowing it and others not, I agree that that is stupid. Either murder is legal in America or it’s not. And yes, it’s murder to kill an unborn baby just like it’s murder to kill a living baby. The HEART BEATS at 22 DAYS. By the way, the so called risk to the mother argument is ridiculous. Just stop using it. Y’all didn’t discuss the sex cults and marketing of sex to and with children by everyone from Hollywood to public schools. Abortion is used to cover up sexual abuse in many cases. The fact that women fight for this ‘right’ just shows how distorted their thinking is. We should fight for the right to HAVE children and be mothers to them and not have to put them in day care to survive on two incomes due to heavy taxation and other liberal policies. Last point, God doesn’t care about your or my opinion. He says, Thou shall not murder. We have the technology to save 24 week premies and to see the BABY inside the mother, we should stop pretending to not know we are killing a baby. In the past, people could be excused but not now. Oh one more last thing, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, wanted to eliminate babies of the poor, especially Blacks. Racism, genocide, eugenics are not rights.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Conservative Nation organized and brought everyone together for this TidePodcast. He tried to get a woman or women to participate, but was unsuccessful.

      Your point about using abortion to cover up sexual abuse. I’ve never thought about that before. That is spot on PK.

      We did not discuss sex cults or how sex is marketed to children or how children are sexualized. I don’t believe it was by design that we didn’t discuss it. I will say though, in that regard, the constant normalization of tranny story time and cartoons depicting gay marriage and sex ed in schools is very worrisome for me. Do whatever you want with your own life, but do not come into my home via cable or infest the schools with trannies. A persons sexual preference should be their own damn business!

      PK, I would love to get you on Beer Goggles or the next Conservative Nation discussion or you and I could do a TidePodcast. You are very intelligent and passionate and I would love to discuss or listen to you discuss different things. Please, let me know.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      The question in my mind, is why does the baby go from baby to fetus so easily? Is it a baby or is it a fetus? I’m not asking for a definition as much as I am asking for standardization. If it’s going to be a fetus, then women don’t need any special work privileges or parking spots at the hospital. If it’s a baby, then we must do everything we can to accommodate the mother the ensure the baby is safe.

      Either words and titles have a universal meaning or they do not. This is life, not Burger King, in life you don’t get whatever you want.

      I think people tend to forget that the baby is an individual as well. Just as if an endangered animal began to habitat your property, by law you would be required to leave the animal alone and protect it.

      Animals have more rights than human babies. This is how nations fall. Not because they stopped praying, but because eventually, every nation becomes Soddom and Gamora.

      1. As for parking spots, if you can walk 50 feet, you can walk 100 feet. I know women who run 50 MILES while pregnant. Work privileges I know nothing about. I worked my ass off taking care of my other kids while pregnant , so there’s that. 😀 I remember my body hurt so bad with the sixth one, but what can you do?

    3. Conservative Nation

      Some great points PK Adams, well done! A couple of things… Just because this conversation doesn’t have any women in it, doesn’t make our opinions any less relevant. At the end of the day, if an opinion is guided by science and facts, an intelligent conversation can still be had. I think my statement is more of a response to the common talking point we hear on the left of “no uterus no opinion”.

      Another thing, in reference to your point about “Gods opinion”, this discussion was about our opinions, not Gods… In my argument, I recognized that abortion is murder and that I believe that murder is okay under certain, extreme, circumstances. I justify this by believing they if we make certain abortion exceptions, it won’t energize the “pro choice” side and possibly cut down on hundreds of thousands of abortions/murder per year. So basically, I believe the means justify the end result of less murder if that makes sense… I realize I’m wrong for that in Gods eyes, that’s okay, and still a valid opinion, regardless. Cheers and thanks for your response!

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