Beer Googles: Kel, Steve and Coffee discuss The Language of Division: TidePodcast Episode 81

Tonight’s Discussion was inspired by PK Adams from over @ Blue Skies and Green Pastures

Steve gave the Shout-Outs tonight! Give em a look see when you get the chance.

PK Adams from over @ Blue Skies and Green Pastures

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22 thoughts on “Beer Googles: Kel, Steve and Coffee discuss The Language of Division: TidePodcast Episode 81

  1. I like ‘otherization’. That’s apropos.

    The language of division hasn’t *started* creeping into the political conversation…we are swimming in it. It is the ultimate dehumanization. And, it is all by design. As long as people are arguing, pointing fingers and fighting each other, we can’t pay attention to dems dat run da world.

    I *heard* Ben Shapiro before I ever saw him. He used to occasionally sit in for Jerry Doyle when he took a day off. He does come off as whiny but, he is very smart. Being smug, however, will not help you make your point, effectively.

    I had a good laugh over South Park & StarTrek/StarWars.

    He’s right about social media. And, before that, it was email forwards. I think I told you, before, that my first blog was about politics. I finally outgrew all that. I had to step away from the news, social media and my finding of the CT material rocked my world.

    Big fat asses, huh?

    You are SO RIGHT. Don’t like FB. GTFO of it. I did.

    I like Nickelback. Just sayin’…

    Juan Williams was hired by Fox News after NPR fired him for railing on Islam.

    COFFEE. LOVED this podcast. Steve, Kel and you had me giggling. Y’all pick at each other and tease with good humor and, y’all have GREAT laughs. But, honestly…I’m not that fond of Kate. She may bring a different view to the convo but, her snide remarks are annoying and she comes across as a kid that has had her lollipop stolen.

    But, you three…I could see hanging out, drinking a beer and bullshitting…or, in my case, I’ll have a cider. I’d even fire up a cigarette with ya’…*cheers*

    And, on that note…I’m glad you pointed out that PK listens while she works out. DUH. THAT is what I should be doing…walking & listening.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks Victoria. It was a great episode. I did miss Kate though. I enjoy talking with her, especially since we are so different from one another.

    1. I am not Nickelback’s #1 fan, I just like them. It’s also not a great metaphor to use Nickelback as the stand in for Russian social media tampering. Milli Vanilli maybe, but Nickelback is a stretch. I’d really like someone to explain to me why Nickelback is so vilified to begin with aside from the lame “their music sucks” reason – which is anyone’s right to have that opinion, but asinine to assume everyone has to agree with it particularly when music is purely subjective.

      Oh, also…thanks for the shout out? I’m concerned my beauty blog and/or I may get put on some weird pro-Russia government list now. I’m blaming all y’all if I get hassled by the TSA next time I fly.

  2. Hi guys! Just listened to the rest of the podcast. Thanks so much for the shout outs! A few thoughts. I had to go back and re-read my comments on the last podcast. First point: When I am talking to someone that I believe is on the same political side as me, I am more likely to use words like leftist or liberal, but I never say libtard because I have a special needs child and the word retard or retarded has been extremely offensive to some people. I was addressing 007 in my comments, not Kate herself. Second point: Why would left or leftist be divisive? Do those people not consider themselves leftists? I am fine with being called a right-wing, conservative, Christian, fundamentalist because I am. However I am not racist, a hater, a Nazi, or fascist. And the other side likes to use those terms, not that I care. Sticks and stones! The other side is the sensitive side. 😀 Also I have to agree that social media manipulation has had an undue influence on the uneducated, non-thinking public, for the benefit of the left.
    But on another note, I have a good topic for y’all. Property rights. There are arguments for and against things like homeowners associations and zoning laws. Who gets to decide where one person’s rights end and another’s begins? This was triggered by a post I read on the Johnny Granola blog about people paying $1200 to share a bedroom and sleep on a bunk bed in Menlo Park. The property owners have made it so that no one can build new housing there to keep property values extremely high. In Houston there is an ongoing battle with a group fighting against having a high rise condo built in a ritzy neighborhood. Whose right is it to stop the person if they own the land?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It’s something I do myself without even thinking about it PK. No offense taken.

      Property rights is a huge issue. Property taxes even though you don’t have kids that go to school. Property management and zoning laws, who knows how many palms have been greased to artificially inflated the cost of property in certain areas.

      From what I understand about property and unions up in NYC, the government has replaced the mafia.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          But that’s America isn’t it? If you don’t like what is happening in a certain state or city, leave. I realize it is easier said than done, that’s freedom for all. If you want freedom, you must be willing to make sacrifices to achieve that freedom.

          I’m not saying that I agree with outrageous taxes and municipality codes or even HOA dues, but things always tend to get more and more restrictive as time continues.

          I have recently heard though that Texas is considering to decriminalize suppressors. Like Missouri becoming a sanctuary state for 2A and even passed laws that would penalize and prosecute any law enforcement person or agency that attempts to enforce federal firearms laws.

          I we expect to maintain our freedoms that we cherish, we must respect the freedoms of others that we disagree with in tandem.

          Just my 2 cents though.

          1. Yes, but if we allow individual states or cities like Austin and NYC to restrict freedom, how is that good for the rest of the state or country? As you said, though, it’s part of the difficulty of living in a large country made up of states.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Solid counter, PK. It’s definitely not cut and dry. I wonder if this is the natural process of humanity, especially when living together.

              Maybe it boils down to winners and losers. The United States would’ve never happened if it wasn’t for the corrupt actions of the crown. Trump doesn’t happen without Obama, Obama doesn’t happen without Bush, etc.

              To be honest PK, I’m just bullshitting my way through life as I attempt to try and figure this kind of stuff out. Without NY and VA passing the laws they did on abortion, would GA and AL have passed their abortion laws? Without Roe v Wade, where would we be today?

              Perhaps our hubris has grown wild and we continue to fool ourselves that we must win, for a change. Maybe this is how it has always been, we are just now realizing it for ourselves and we convince ourselves that we must fight back. Fight back with no chance of ever truly winning.

              It’s an interesting dilemma in my opinion. Life without freedom or freedom without life, what to choose and what are the lengths and sacrifices we are willing to make to get our way?

              We get screwed over so often, that all we ever see and feel anymore is how we continue to get screwed over.

              Then again, maybe I’m just rambling.

              1. Actually I think you are very wise to see that the presence of wrong proves the presence of right and so on. Yin yang, whatever. Neither side can stop trying to get what they want or one side will become too powerful.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  It’s the unfortunate balance of life. Sometimes you win, other times you lose. Thank God for his grace, without it, what’s the purpose.

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