Beer Googles: Fusion, Kate, Steve and Coffee Discuss Preemption and the Effort to Ban Straws and Ban the Ban: TidePodcast Episode 80


33 thoughts on “Beer Googles: Fusion, Kate, Steve and Coffee Discuss Preemption and the Effort to Ban Straws and Ban the Ban: TidePodcast Episode 80

  1. I read about the Florida non-ban thing. We have too much plastic floating around, anyway. Why would FL gov do this? Power & money…and because they can.

    Joe Biden is off the charts creepy.

                  1. I can see the reviews. I can read them. But, there is no place for me to write one. I don’t have an Apple account. When iTunes screwed me out of my ability to listen to my purchased music because I couldn’t remember an ancient email that I used to download with, I swore I would never deal with them, again.

                    I did sign into Google Play. I can’t find where you can write a review on that.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Dang Victoria, you are badass! From what I gather about google play, they don’t have a review option.

  2. I applaud your ability to remain so patient during these conversations. They are a perfect illustration of how impossible it is to get the left to understand their illogical ideas. A few thoughts that I jotted down. 1)Does Kate know that the Civil War was fought over states rights? Was she okay with letting the South determine it’s own laws on slavery? Just curious. 2) A good way to make money is to start an Uber business in rural areas. 3) If you want to reduce straw usage, have restaurants charge for them or put a tax on them like cigarettes. 4) Leftists always want to legislate for things they believe are best for everyone and against things they don’t like. 5) Leftists think they are geniuses. 6) Having freedom means allowing others to be free to disagree and do things you don’t like. 7)Money/profit rules the world. 8) If Kate wants to be truly happy, she should move to New York City or San Francisco where they have laws for everything. 9) On Taxis. Does she understand that Democrats LOVE imposing fees to work? That is the whole idea of labor unions! To reduce competition. Over-regulation is the curse that holds back free markets.
    Thanks for the entertainment and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow, thank you PK. I want to be heard, so I must hear out others.

      I can understand your disagreement with Kate’s views, but I think that is how we bridge the divide. Not in the sense of agreeing, but rather mutual respect to allow others the freedom that we desire for ourselves.

      The argument for and against states rights is not a clean as we wish they were. In reality, there are pros and cons depending on each of our stances and these nuanced platforms are never truly inclusive or equal for all.

      Would I like to see 50 state carry reciprocity? Yes, but I wonder what could potentially be on the back end of something like that? Would demanding that everyone respect my wishes, what would be expected of me down the road that I may not want?

      Like with faith, politics and everything else, we must be strong enough to only concern ourselves with ourselves and not demand that others cave to our desires.

      I really believe that no matter the year or the place, people are people. Progress is subjective and we are incredibly simple. That is why I always say, God, Family and Politics is behind the every decision we make, regardless of beliefs or lack of beliefs.

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      Isn’t that what Jesus did? Didn’t he talk and witness to those who didn’t believe? We console ourselves and rarely challenge our own beliefs by having easy conversations with those who don’t truly oppose our choices or our ways of life.

      I want to understand and be understood. I want to be taught and teach others and all it takes is realizing that I am not the one with answers all I can do is speak for myself and allow others to do the same.

      1. You do a fine job. I have friends like Kate. I don’t expect them to change . I just wish they’d stop trying to change my life to fit their idea of what’s right. I don’t think you expect to change her .

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Not in the least and I shouldn’t, just as I hope Kate doesn’t expect me to change.

          I love my wife for who she is, it would break my heart and I might fall out of love with her, if she did everything I demanded of her.

          1. What? Kate is your wife? Oh and for the record, I agree that we are polluting the planet with plastic straws, water bottles, bags, etc. Education is important. I’m trying to reduce my footprint. But unless they start putting water fountains in more places, people are going to buy bottled water. One other point about the straws, why does it matter where they are manufactured? People somewhere will lose jobs if they are outlawed. I think liberals need to see the big picture when they tamper with things. Like Obama trying to kill the coal and steel industries without regard for those people with very limited job opportunities.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              No, Kate is not my wife. I was simply trying to provide an example of loving someone for who they are and not who we want them to be.

              That is a solid counter, people may lose their current employment if straws are suddenly outlawed and the cost on businesses will be passed to the customer. That is an aspect of the conversation that seems to be conveniently neglected. I am of the mindset that the majority of these discussions/stances and platforms are made from an affluent aspect, these solutions never seem to take into account poor folks and what they will be made to deal with if and when these ideas are made law.

              1. Yes, I think they labor under the false impression that the ‘government’ is going to take care of the poor or provide jobs or something. No. If you are unemployed , you have no money, you do not eat, you eventually become homeless, live with relatives, or whatever you figure out. The ‘government’ does not fix individual situations. Trust me, I know. We have a leaking roof, broken vehicles, medical bills, etc, that we have to figure out. And the working class is hit the hardest every single time when new laws and regulations raise costs on businesses.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Exactly PK, the government is comprised of people trying to do what is best for their own interests. The government is the mirror image of ourselves and our own personal interests.

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