Conservative Nation and Coffee Discuss the Other Aspect of the Anti-Vax Argument: TidePodcast Episode 77

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14 thoughts on “Conservative Nation and Coffee Discuss the Other Aspect of the Anti-Vax Argument: TidePodcast Episode 77

  1. Good interview. It is curious that they aren’t talking about the diseases that come with an invasion. They want to blame the anti-vaxxers.

    Listening to this…I am glad I don’t have kids. I would be losing my mind.

    I guess you are only doing podcasts on the weekends, now?

    I can hear you in the background. If you aren’t smoking, you are vaping. It’s LOUD.

  2. I’m just glad my kids are older now so if they start forcing shots, their bodies might be able to tolerate the assault better. I never tell people my stance on this , btw, unless I know we are in the same camp. It’s always been controversial, but its really insane at the moment! There is one I will NEVER allow, the Gardasil death shot.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Gardasil? I’ve never heard of that before.

      It seems interesting that illegals are kept out of the conversation on purpose. People are too happy to trash parents who don’t want their children vaccinated, yet illegals are never brought up. If people want to solve a problem, I would think they would want to look at all aspects, not just the convenient ones.

      I believe the vaccination argument is just more proof that property taxes are unjust. Taxes paying schools, when you home school or when you have no kids is absolutely asinine. How about only people who have children in school pay school tax?

      Just sayin!

      1. Well, you know the argument. Public schools supposedly benefit all of society , so everyone must pay. The history of compulsory schooling if fascinatingly scary. Forced on Americans, unwanted, caused rioting, but now the public freaks out if a school is closed for a day because of threats by a crazy woman.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          OMG PK, you ain’t kidding. One lady, with a damn scattergun causes pandemonium. It’s absolutely ridiculous and laughable.

          I’m all about safety, but when all it takes is a lady with a shotgun to shut down every school in a major metropolitan city, it’s absolutely ridiculous. A 9mm out of a pistol has a greater effective range than her shotgun!

          She didn’t even exceed the 10 round magazine limit!!!

    2. bottomlesscoffee007

      How come it’s only schools and not places of employment that the vaccination conversation is taking place?

      If you don’t get a flu shot, it’s not like your boss will ever find out! Yet we are led to believe that it is only these “crazy” parents that are refusing vaccinations.

      Do homeless people get vaccinated? Illegals, do they get vaccinated?

      Who knows who is and who is not vaccinated?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Yep, like socialism and feminism and abortion and sex onto children. And we are supposed to be outraged over rich people paying to get their kids into college. It’s all a damn scam PK.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Yeah, now that you mention it…we are expected to believe in evolution yet Jesus’s Resurrection is parlayed as a myth or wishful thinking at best.

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