Conservative Nation and Coffee Discuss the Mueller Report: TidePodcast Episode 75



9 thoughts on “Conservative Nation and Coffee Discuss the Mueller Report: TidePodcast Episode 75

  1. Now that Mueller has FINALLY submitted his report, that shows NOTHING, will all of this finally be over? And what expense to the taxpayers was this big “Nothing Burger” that took almost 2 years to investigate cost? This has been a witch hunt from the very beginning.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Jeanne. A giant waste of tax payer money and time. That alone should piss off everyone.

  2. I thought you smoke only occasionally. And I hear the lighter a little more often than occasionally.

    The “sealed indictments” might not be a thing, actually.

    I’d join you two in suing CNN, etc.!

    CN is saying that the Democrats trying to politicize the report is making them look bad, and I agree. However, I think that the people who spewed “collusion” are way too far gone to acknowledge any loss. They’ll find something to misconstrue. How is anyone still supporting the Democrats who now say they will stop trying to impeach the President?

    I’d agree with you in regards to the public’s sentiment regarding Comey. Yes, I think some people for a second thought he was a good guy, but in truth, we didn’t really know him all that well. Mueller will remain a bad guy. Why? Because he was a jackass and now he has his tail in between his legs. He didn’t do anything good. You know what I mean? He’s not a magician. Even though, I think some of us were worried that he would produce something out of thin air.

    “2020 is going to be a bloodbath” PUT IT ON A BANNER! So true.

    I would like to run. I’d give Trump a run for his money.

    “Less fcktards” DITTO!

    I still don’t know why so many people liked Cruz. He’s not really palatable to me. The choice was easy from the beginning to me. Ha! You, too?

    I don’t know if I want to watch the Democratic debates. It’s going to be so ridiculous. It’s either going to be a comedy, or something that will make me rage soooooo bad.

    “They’re fcking insane” OMG, this dude is just awesome.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I smoke from time to time. Honestly I think I need a fidget spinner, I see a lighter and I just start to play around.

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