I Don’t Believe Black People and White People Can Coexist in Harmony

What is it about black people and white people? No matter what, it seems as if we will always be at odds with one another. Sure, in certain instances we can get along, but it only seems plausible in short or confined circumstances.

No matter how far we may think we have come, the aura is constantly there. Looming all around and inescapable. Black people, white people, asian people and brown people. We will never be able to achieve collaboration through and through.

I will say though, it seems that people can get along, regardless of circumstance. People can work together, people can collaborate and achieve. Once color is brought into the mix, everyone looses.

People can coexist in harmony. White people, black people, brown people and asian people, however, will never be able to coexist in peace.

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins and it seems to ring true over and over and over again.

Do you believe that black people and white people can truly coexist in harmony?


90 thoughts on “I Don’t Believe Black People and White People Can Coexist in Harmony

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          On the individual case, I don’t see it as a problem. When we see one another as people, I think we can get along perfectly. Once race is brought to the forefront, I think that is where problems begin.

          That is why I said that people can get along, but black and white people will always have issue. You see, I said people, no color involved.

          1. Yes, they do. Even when they are in an environment where they are segregated. Like certain countries in Europe where there is no African population, I don’t see perfect harmony. And similarly in an African country there is no harmony among people of one color.

              1. It’s just human nature to bring dis-harmony into the mix. Not the color of the skin. But it gets the blame because it’s an outstanding aspect.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      We do, you’re right Dorothy. It seems to me that color though is a constant issue and will never go away. On all sides.

      1. I’m going to speak from my experiences as a person. I love to meet anybody (in small groups though, I’m introvert😉) and learn anything about them. Whatever I learn, I keep it as reference so my friendship can build with that person.

        As a Black woman, I still love yo meet and learn people but when you come across people who are afraid to meet you back because of stereotypes they have learned over their lifetime, or what they see in media of how we are portrayed (Yes, we sometimes are at fault, but we aren’t all the time), it’s gets tiring of having to explain and constantly school without being told “You’re being too aggressive” or “You’re being racist, not me”. Those retorts are what Black people keep because it’s not said to us once, or twice, it’s constantly said so we are going to be on the defense.

        It’s ignorant to believe that someone can say whatever negative ideology they want to you and not have that person correct you. And this is our problem with Black and White. Not all Black people are combative and belligerent, not all White people are racist and closed- minded, but it’s they ones we come across that affect us the most.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          And that is why I seek out individuals Scherezade. I’m not into shouting matches and I don’t care for stereotypes. At the same time, it seems very easy to blame “x” and remove any personal responsibility.

          I have often thought that skill and experience are the ultimate way to fairness. Like in sports, you either can or you cannot. If you can play, you got a spot, if not, maybe try something else. It is in these types of scenarios where the ability and the aptitude are the only concern.

          But this isn’t limited to sports alone, quite the contrary. If we are willing to forego our identity and focus solely on our abilities, then we will coexist.

          Until then though, it seems everyone is comfortable casting stones.

          If our abilities cannot speak for themselves, perhaps we have sought out the wrong audience.

          You either do or you do not, cut and dry, plain and simple.

          The more we look for “those who look like us”, the less we will grow. Everyone loves to talk trash about echo chambers, yet it seems to me, that those who speak the loudest always are most comfortable in those same echo chambers.

          I can appreciate that it may be difficult to put your abilities out there with no caveat. But it is the caveat that hinders.

          1. Um, I posted this comment first, and it didn’t. I thought we were past this BC, better get your account checked, I think big brother’s watching you; maybe you struck a nerve 😂😂

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          LOL, I don’t know why repeat fellow bloggers get sent to spam. I check every few hours to be honest.

  1. Until every human is treated with equal respect, with equal rights and responsibilities, there will be no harmony. People are afraid to go outside their comfort zones and learn about different cultures, different religions, just different people. Our of fear, we “other” those we don’t know about, and make them “bad” or “wrong” to justify our negative attitudes.

    We are all human. There are “good” people and “bad” people in every sub-group.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          You see, that’s what I cannot wrap my mind around. What difference is there to fear? You either see the person or you see the differences, plain and simple. If a person can not get over the differences, then they only have themselves to blame.

          This doesn’t stop at color. It’s left vs right. Liberals and conservatives. Science and religion. Etc.

          If all we are ever worried about is purity. Well, that’s been out the window for thousands of years. We all are part of the same makeup, yet it is the skin deep that we are obsessed with.

          1. It’s fear. IMO We are always more comfortable with people who look like us, think like us, do the same things we do… People who grow up and spend their lives surrounded by other that are the same are going to have fear of the unknown. That’s human nature.
            Currently all the marginalized groups are shouting about equality (or the “news” is exploiting the shouts) and that makes them look “angry”. So everyone gets turned off by the “angry black person, feminist, muslim, homosexual, etc..” and they don’t take time to learn about the group. They’re afraid of the angry whatever.
            And white people, who have been at the top of the food chain are afraid of losing their place. People are afraid of change. We want to keep things the way they are, because we understand it and are comfortable with it.

            One on one, people get along. The find ways to compromise or they focus on similarities instead of differences. But, in groups, with their fellow whatever sub-group, it becomes herd mentality. Us vs Them. It’s going to take an effort by individuals to make change happen.

                  1. It absolutely shouldn’t! Unfortunately, we have a history of making anyone who isn’t white male, less than. Goes back to the original explorers/conquerors. That’s just here in the US. To some extent, it exists in UK too, but they’re conquerors, themselves, who’ve lost their colonies.

                    We each have to make the effort to touch as many lives as we can with positive things. Kindness, respect, acceptance… Maybe we can “Butterfly Effect” change.

                    1. Some white men are guilty now, sure.
                      You know that’s not what I’m saying, though. You know from our history that the world belonged to white men. It’s only been the past 100 years or so that things have changed. And it’s changing slow.

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So, then that would prove my point. That different people will never get along. Since the history is ongoing.

                      It’s not until skill and experience are brought to the forefront. We can rely on history to show us the way. Since it seems to me that everyone is actually comfortable where they are, yet they still want to sit back and play the blame game.

                      We are either a color or we are not. I believe that until color is irrelevant, sex is irrelevant or preference becomes irrelevant will we begin to see one another as individuals. But sadly, I don’t believe that will ever be the case.

                      We are either individuals or we are not and it doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to be an individual on their own. It seems that the many by a landslide, would rather hide behind their chosen identifiers than actually venture out on their own and blaze their own path.

                      Because, that is what truly seems to separate the individual from the herd. Are they their own man or woman? Or are they part of the group?

                    3. The problem is that most of the “power” still belongs to rich old white men. They aren’t in a hurry to let go of that power. The sheeple want to have power so they clone themselves after the powerful.
                      When we take over the world, things will be different👍 Do you wanna be Pinky or Brain?

                    4. Awww….dang. I wanted to be Pinky.
                      I *do* have lots of patience and am good at working with neuro-differences… King Ben is autistic, so I guess I’d be a good Brain😕

                    5. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Hahah, it’s always better being the dumb one. Nothing is expected except to screw up. My kinda role

  2. Sure, we can get along. We do it all the time. Kids aren’t racist. They accept playmates of all colour. That nasty stuff creeps in later, after someone brainwashes them.

  3. hawk2017

    Only when our God is involved can we achieve this. I was raised with no prejudice spoken our home. When I married military, we were a diverse group of wives. Korean, Asian, Black, Spanish, etc. We congreated at each house and that is where I learned to love many foods. My children were not raised prejudiced and All were in the Service when they became adults. I live in public housing and still love my neighbors from all walks of life. And they also love one another. :)) (most of the time.)

      1. …because income inequality will make us all see we’re in the same boat. Really, we’re all just pawns to those who have MUCH more than the rest of us, which are a small few. Race won’t seem very important if we’re all in the bread line, so to speak. But that’s just my $.02.

                  1. As income inequality grows, it will show everyone that we’re all really equal. We’re all the same, just people living in America (or the world), whatever your sphere of reference is.

  4. We are all God’s children, aren’t we? We are all his creation. He created us in his image, right? Of course, some of his children are white. Some are black. Some are brown, some are yellow, some are red. God must look like a friggin’ rainbow if we’re all created in his image. So since he created each and every one of us, we SHOULD be able to coexist in harmony, shouldn’t we? But maybe God’s plan was to play a trick on us and to create us in all these colors and have us speak languages that many others can’t understand so that we would be distrustful and suspicious of one another and fight wars because we think those like us are his chosen and the others are lesser beings. Good plan, huh? Damn, that God certainly does work in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?

  5. The color of skin is not what we should looking at, but rather the heart within. Non of us can help the color of skin we were born with with, but we all can change the person within through our actions and how we treat others.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Jeanne. Color is inconsequential and should not be taken into account. All that matters is the person.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Interesting, I never heard of that before. Perhaps it’s natural, a survival instinct perhaps.

      1. Possibly. If you think about it, in nature, like stays with like. Lions don’t mix with Tigers without our interference.

        We are far more advanced but, the base level feelings are there.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I think though that these feelings only arise in times of either great comfort or great distress.

          And that is my issue with it. We forgot what true duress is, so we have replaced it. And now we simply cast stones, without ever really understanding what the long term ramifications are.

  6. Not all of us will ever get along. Unfortunately, people get caught up on colour/race/etc., which causes problems.
    Only in the Millenium will we exist in harmony.

  7. Good point you brought up. I believe black people and white people probably will never coexist in harmony because of the things we’ve endured in history. We never forgot that and we never will. And I guess that’s something everyone has to accept, sadly.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It’s like infidelity in a relationship. Sure, forgiveness may be extended, but it will always be there, rearing it’s ugly head and dealing pain along the way.

      I do believe that people can get along, but with every caveat we label ourselves with, the further the division grows.

  8. I believe we can co exist, I believe it does have to do with pride and stereotypes that make it hard. Not all white or black people are judge mental or racist, but sometimes we classify a whole group which is the sad part.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      My point with this post piinkdiiva was based on the idea of black and white people. We are either black and white or we are simply people. It is my opinion that when we preface our identity with the skin deep color of our skin, we immediately place a divider between us and them.

      I agree with your synopsis. We can coexist, but only when we see the person and not the color.

      1. Yes! I totally agree. One quote that stood out to me is you said at the end of the day we are all dirt and dust and when we are no longer here we are all just souls so why are we here dividing between man made color descriptions? Smh.

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