Why My Wife and I Decided to Abort Our Unborn Gay Son: By Stephen Lavedas

Why My Wife and I Decided to Abort Our Unborn Gay Son


32 thoughts on “Why My Wife and I Decided to Abort Our Unborn Gay Son: By Stephen Lavedas

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          People will come up with all kinds of excuses to abort a baby. This is making fun of those people who get abortions as well as make fun of people who justify abortion, by making excuses that “it will have a hard life”.

          1. Phew! I mean, the thing about a gene or blood type or whatever it was showing that the child will be a homosexual is a myth. It’s a choice. And, even if it was true about the gene, how do we know that the person will turn out that way?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Exactly Rue. Babies are aborted everyday based on some study or other outside influences. The baby is never given the chance at life, the chance to make their own way.

  1. Marleen

    While there are people who subject children to [anti] gay “conversion” type therapy or indoctrination — which I am against — because they* imagine a child is behaving in too “gay” a manner… unfair to any child…

    … a real genetic scenario is a child being intergender (something that in fact happens physically) and being aborted (if of a manifestation that is clearly observable before birth) or otherwise mistreated (including medical maltreatment such as adults choosing and imposing a gender via surgery or hormones or blockers) — which I am also against.

    *{and these are the sorts of adults who would more likely follow through on the [not funny] “joke” choice indicated in the article as people like that have proposed and supported rounding up gay men and lesbians in order to keep them away from the rest of the population}

        1. Marleen

          It would have gone more smoothly to refer to “a child being” intersex, while the rest of the post would’ve been the same (including that adults have [often to usually or always since the days of birth certificates] imposed a selection of gender on such children, whether with the enabling of medical means or not).

            1. Marleen

              Yes. Most people don’t even know this is real. Then they are approached with a huge decision [which I agree shouldn’t have to be a decision or shouldn’t have to be an issue], which they’ve never thought through.

              In some places, or even in past times in our own culture, parents were barely to not even consulted (and surgery or mutilation was or is just done). The child should — rather — be protected.

              In many places, now, such surgery on a child is outlawed, and the information is not to be hidden. (And this is why some places are adding a third “box” for birth certificates other than boy or girl.)

              1. bottomlesscoffee007

                That’s different though Marleen, in my mind. It is important to assign a sex to a baby. It is their first identity.

                1. Marleen

                  Their first identity? Lol. They are who they are. If a person is born naturally with physical aspects of both sexes, you would like to continue with randomly picking one of the two labels to put on the birth certificate? Or your own favorite or preferred? Or are we back to the joke about whichever is easier (or not as hard) in life?

                    1. Marleen

                      What matters is the fact that it does happen — and the concepts and what it means and can mean. I already indicated some of the chosen consequences for people who have been ashamed or afraid of or opportunistic about it (depending on who we are discussing in the scenario). Remember, these aren’t chosen consequences for the person most affected (the child/baby who then grows into an older child and then an adult), that is, not chosen by that individual even though that individual has to live with the results… and with behaviors of the adults in their lives. There are doctors who’ve wanted to push doing things to cover it up; I have to think said “doctors” are sick in the head.

                      What mostly is present for the parents is ignorance. (And the truth of the matter has usually been kept from the individual most affected… so, more ignorance.)

                      Next, such parents likely tell their offspring with male hormones and body structure(s)/DNA to act more feminine (or the other way around). Or they get a counselor or minister into it. That could follow surgical or chemical intervention or simply the authoritarian selection of what to put on a birth certificate. Telling someone not to be gay also sadly fits the situation. To answer your question, though, occurrence is about as common as red hair. It is rare enough (along with the fact that the manifestations aren’t all the same from one person to another) that you can be assured “treatment” usually isn’t so much medical (even if administered by a doctor) as experimental.

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Chemicals and medication have irreversible effects that often result in suicide.

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