No Matter the Year, No Matter the Progress, We Are Never Without the Need of an Enemy

Can you live without an enemy? Whether personal or in general, it occurs to me, that we cannot live without hatred or disgust for someone or something.

Can you appreciate that which you hate or fear? Can you respect evil for what it truly is?

The enemies that we acquire, do they epitomize who we truly are?

If we can respect and appreciate our enemies, for who we are, perhaps our enemies are actually ourselves.

There is no light without dark, there is no happiness without sadness and there is no love without hate. Without the opposition, the counter, the exact opposite, there is nothing to hold dear, since there is nothing, simply stasis and prolonged atrophy.

Our lives as our life is simple in practice. We convince ourselves that we are complex or that we are special. Yet, all we are is all we will ever be. Highs and lows, love and hate. Remove the hate, the love will soon be abandoned as well.

We cannot survive without an enemy. Realize, that you are someone’s enemy as well.

Do you find comfort in being the enemy of another?

The more enemies anyone acquires and chooses, the more enemies they will have.

Love and hate, light and dark, we are nothing without it.

Peace and harmony will never occur, since we cannot love, without hate. Realize this and you will understand everything about life.

Plain and simple, simple and plain, a life without an enemy is simply death.


25 thoughts on “No Matter the Year, No Matter the Progress, We Are Never Without the Need of an Enemy

  1. hawk2017

    We fight our selves. We are our own enemy. The Spiritual heart with our God against the carnal nature that is capable of any evil. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. That is where our God’s forgiveness is vital to our spirit.:))

  2. A heavy post that speaks to me right now. I am irritated, annoyed and disgusted by many things and people, but hate is not really something I feel towards anyone. Broccoli yes – people no. I’ve historically not bothered to waste my time or energy by feeding my negative feelings towards someone else – I much rather prefer to walk away and focus on the positives in my life. I don’t think I’ve failed to appreciate the love in my life by keeping the hate out of it – I’m still aware of the negatives, I just try not to focus on it…though lately, it seems I can’t seem to get away from all the negatives. I don’t thrive on having an enemy (or several enemies). I know I have them and I don’t think I can do anything about that, so I generally choose to ignore it.

    The new gig has been going rough, which is not common for me. There has been a lot of outright mistrust and hostility that has been aimed directly at me from several of my coworkers and it’s been mentally exhausting. I have never been a popular girl and have never felt the need to be liked by everyone (or even most people), but having some safe haven friends has always kept me sane and centered – I don’t know who, if anyone, I can trust or rely on at my new company. My current work environment has made me reevaluate a lot. I understand that I am an easy target right now and that it’s likely that a lot of the “direct” drama will dissipate in time, but it’s given me a unique perspective that I don’t recall ever having – having to walk into and be a team player in a “community” that frankly doesn’t accept me. It’s been a difficult pill to swallow and I find myself identifying much more personally with other persecuted people. Granted, my current experience is not really on the same level as others, but I think there is value in being able to empathize with them on a deeper level. It’s the proverbial walking a mile in their shoes – there really is something to it.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Oh man Heather. I’m sorry to hear that. Will you stay or go? If you are already being treated like this, I couldn’t imagine what a year or more would do to you.

      1. That’s what I’m grappling with now – whether to stay with the hope it improves, or whether to go with the assumption it won’t improve. I generally don’t throw in the towel easily, so this has been my struggle lately.

  3. Maybe it is human nature to make an “enemy” of others. Make ourselves feel better by looking down on someone else.
    Its true that we can’t really appreciate one side without knowing the other side (light/dark), but I’d like to think we can have competition without conflict✌… maybe it’s not possible.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I don’t know Granny. I think it’s just part of life. We fool ourselves into thinking and believing that somehow we are enlightened or we have evolved. Yet our actions speak the truth. We are as simple as we ever were.

      Nothing has changed. It simply is what it has always been. I think the sooner we figure that out, the easier life becomes. Since we can at least identify what we are doing. Instead of constantly making up excuses.

  4. Most definitely, there have to be opposites, so that we know what’s up and what’s down.
    I’m rather good at making enemies. I get easily disgusted. And that’s why I appreciate the things/ people I like so much more.

  5. Voice of dissent, again… Souls have likes & dislikes. Peaceful co-existence can be achieved because we have done it, before.

    Hate is a learned behavior. It is not a natural, true human reaction. It is taught.

    Not all things appeal to all souls. Differences abound & uniqueness reigns supreme.

    I prefer the ‘live & let live’ idea. Unfortunately, there are those that WANT us at each other’s throats.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I’m in the same boat Victoria. I want to be left alone, so in turn, I leave others alone.

      But like you said, this is not the way of the world. Sad but true.

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