The Number 10 or 01, Kel and Coffee Discuss Shooting Survivors and The Victim’s of Illegals: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 64

Kel Varnsen and Coffee Discuss Shooting Survivors and The Victim’s of Illegals, how they are presented on both sides.


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5 thoughts on “The Number 10 or 01, Kel and Coffee Discuss Shooting Survivors and The Victim’s of Illegals: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 64

  1. Marleen

    I know this wasn’t the main topic, but it’s an important and relevant one.

    The author of the article (not Donald Trump) says,

    There is no shortage of Americans volunteering for the Armed Forces and the number of people who can enlist each year is finite. ….

    I’m actually not sure about that part of the article (above). Recruiters seem pretty motivated to get lots and lots of people in there.

    On average, the military recruits about 5,000 noncitizens each year, nearly all of them permanent U.S. residents, or so-called “green card” holders. Starting in 2006, the military began accepting some foreigners with nonpermanent visas, such as students or tourists, if they had special skills that are highly valued.

    After entering military service, foreigners are eligible for expedited U.S. citizenship. Since 2001, more than 92,000 foreign-born service members have become citizens while serving in uniform. The MAVNI program began in 2008 [before the inauguration in January of 2009] ………

    I’ve quoted that part of the second article because it’s near the end, and many people wouldn’t get there.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      B-Sheep, thanks for listening. I hope you enjoyed the episode and it was easy to listen to.

      Kel, is not a blogger, but he is a contributing author. If you click on his name, it will open a folder with everything he has done.

    2. Kel Varnsen

      Thanks for the kind words, BlackSheep. Like Coffee said I don’t have my own blog but I’ve written one thing on Bottomlesscoffee007 (I intend to write more) and I’ve participated in a few podcasts so far.

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