If Amazon.Com Doesn’t Accept BitCoin, Then Why Should You?

Crypto currency, or more accurately, corrupto currency. If the world’s biggest retailer doesn’t accept Bitcoin, then why would anyone accept bitcoin as a substitute for currency?

If Amazon.com doesn’t run on renewable energy, then why should you? If amazon.com doesn’t fit a socialist model, then why should you?

I could go on and on, perhaps, instead of always arguing over what is more secure or what is better than something we already have. Look to the most lucrative business models and see what they are actually doing compared to what they espouse. If it was good enough for them, then they would already be doing it.

Is there any successful business out there that doesn’t employ security both through structure and weaponry?

Is there any business out there that doesn’t require identification and verification of every employee on the premises at all times?

Liability, it always expected of us to accept the liability of them, but them never accepting our liabilities.

There is a reason why WE are always sold an idea or a way forward by THEM.

Here’s an idea, how about you do it first and then I’ll decide if it’s right for me.


18 thoughts on “If Amazon.Com Doesn’t Accept BitCoin, Then Why Should You?

  1. Very true, and very well thought out. Let’s have you do it first and then report back to the rest of us to see how it turned out. Cryptocurrency is a sham, so those people who make millions by mining it, but they don’t tell you about all those that go broke when they “lose” it. It’s a sham I tell you, a sham! Lol

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Huntress. It seems as if everyone has the answer to everyone else’s problems, for only a few cents a day and a promise to fulfill YOUR end of the bargain, prior to any money being paid out!

  2. Spotecno

    Amazon doesn’t accept bitcoin as a payment, but lamborghini is accepted bitcoin as a payment. bitcoin is not regulated by the goverment. no tax for saving bitcoin. that’s why many people accepted bitcoin.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Cash is king and always has been. Electronic currency or any currency that requires an IP address will always be traceable

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