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“Mother should I trust the government”?

~Pink Floyd~

How I process this: When did trusting the government suddenly become normal and even encouraged?

I wrote about it here: Bottomless Coffee 007~ Mother Should I Trust the Government?

“Blind trust or blind faith, there is no separation between the two, honesty eludes society, since society depends on consensus”

~Bottomless Coffee 007, 19 February, 2019, From my Couch~

(I couldn’t find a quote to quote, so I made one up)


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21 thoughts on “3.2.1 Quote Me! — Honesty & Trust

    1. Marleen

      Same singer. (I promise… last video for now). No, this girl isn’t me or anyone I know. But she’s reacting in ways with which I identify [except that I’m probably not the same kind of “geek” she is]. I would go so far as to cry (or pray); she may need to hold back some as she’s on camera (yet, she also has her voice expertise to distract her mind or feelings somewhat).

      Vocal Coach reacts to Tool performing Pushit

        1. Marleen

          They’re in a similar cynical genre as the video with which you started — but newer.

          If you listen to the emotion behind Counting Bodies, it is dark, as if these emotions depicted in Pet are actually being forced upon you against your will. This is why APC even went to the extent of releasing a music video to reinforce this message…. about government tyranny.

          The Whole Band has stated that this album (13th Step)is a theme album and Is not only in refference to drug addiction it self, but what the 13th step to the 12 step programs is, which is deailing with the world …

          The addict lives in a hostile world where only his drug gives him comfort.
          [There are other drugs beside illicit street drugs and other “drugs” beside any drugs
          per se.]

          An easy way to find out more about the meaning of Pet is to listen to the two songs following it; Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rythm of the War Drums is not the only song continuation of Pet. Lullaby, right after Pet on the Thirteenth Step album, includes the same lyrics.

          Nearly every nursery ryme u hear today[*] was at some point a song about politics, war or oppression. … Maybe you should look inside …. unwilling to hear ….. afraid that you yourselves are members of the so-called “apathetic dulled masses”. Apathy is a very serious problem in our world.

          [* “Nearly every” is probably an overstatement at this point since many people have tried consciously to come up with nicer things to rhyme for children.]


          Maybe the quotes I would choose are “Go to sleep” and “Go back to sleep.”


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