The Number 10 or 01, Kel Varnsen and Coffee Discuss the Attraction to Force Acceptance of Ideas: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 60

Kel Varnsen and Coffee Discuss the Attraction to Force Acceptance of Ideas.


(The Peer Review Process and How it is Manipulated)

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19 thoughts on “The Number 10 or 01, Kel Varnsen and Coffee Discuss the Attraction to Force Acceptance of Ideas: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 60

      1. I Don’t know if the answer went through the first time so I’m sending it again. I said you inspired me to talk about religion and science, it will be posted in the begining of March with a ping back to your podcast 😉

  1. Marleen

    The definition of “cynical” can be a little tricky; depending on context, intent, and reality.

    *2 Concerned only with one’s own interests and typically disregarding accepted standards [such as honesty, ethics, or good faith] in order to achieve them.
    ‘a cynical manipulation of public opinion’
    ‘I am not suggesting that his apology was cynical or purely tactical.’
    ‘What sort of cynical human being would go into something as important as marriage simply because she was entering politics?’
    ….. *

    Here is a sub-meaning given under the first defintion (I am not quoting the first definition other that with this related excerpt); a laugh could just as well be placed [although with different examples for each of the two definitons] as a life experience or warning under the second definition (which I quoted above):
    *1.2 Contemptuous; mocking.
    ‘he gave a cynical laugh’ *
    Dudley Do Right: Snidely Whiplash (Alfred Molina) vs Dudley’s (Brendan Fraser) Vampires

    This clip gives a brief illustration at about twenty seconds in. We can imagine the type of expressed sentiment in such a laugh longer/louder too.

    It helps to look at other dictionaries, but I wouldn’t want to bore you or your readers. Suffice it to say, one synonym is misanthropic. Cynical has a more deep-seated connotation than skeptical does. I think this is the reason it crosses over into what has an angle of being the opposite meaning. The soured attitude [and soured is another given synonym] can end with the if you can’t beat’m join’m life. (Or… beat them within the corruption, in the opposite way [just for yourself, no longer lamenting wrongs or seeking what is good].)

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I sometimes have a hard time remembering words and phrases. I think skeptical is probably a better term. I hope my definition of what I was trying to say, aligns more with skepticism than being cynical.

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