If Teachers Can’t Budget, What Can They Actually Teach?

If teachers can’t budget their own money, what exactly are they teaching our children?

Am I missing something here?

If you can’t make due with what you got, doesn’t that mean in order to do better, you need to figure something else out?

Why are these teachers insistent on not learning something new themselves? Is education ongoing for everyone or just some?


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  1. This is such ignorance.
    First of all, a teacher’s salary is shit! Secondly, the “material” needed to PROPERLY teach gets expensive. Next, the teachers spend THEIR OWN MONEY to supply materials for students because education funding is also shit.
    Now, on top of doing the very best they can with THEIR OWN MONEY SPENT because they aren’t paid enough… How do teachers manage a morgage? And a car payment? And have a family?!

    Football players practice and become better…. They’re paid MILLIONS! AND FOR WHAT? Talent? Teachers went to school and spend their own earned money to be the best teacher and accommodate to each student! They’re not paid millions!!
    Teachers make every other profession possible…. And thankfully THEY understand the struggles of teaching, but do so simply because they love it.

  2. The demand for supplies will ALWAYS be higher than what teachers are paid AND what funding is provided!! Why is that?? Why are teachers not paid better? Why is school funding the first to be cut in a town, and football stadiums will be rebuild without a blink. Who REALLY invests in the future of our society: teachers because they give back nearly ALL they make into their students!!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          So, why not make the parents of those students who require more supplies pay more? Individually by student and what each individual student requires?

          1. Have you seen a school supplies list?! This is already happening. Parents are paying into their students education. Why burden low income families with this when budgeting in the higher state and federal offices can be altered and made better use of the money spent?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              But that’s the thing isn’t it Nova. Can these people make something with what they have already or do they need more?

              If a person can do something incredible with minimal resources then they are extraordinary. If a person continually requires more resources or money, then they are just a strain on resources.

              Should our children learn how to make something out of what most would consider nothing or do we just continue to pay for diminishing returns?

              1. We’re simply restoring the bare minimum. With the changes of time (such that of technology for instance), it’s a teacher’s job to still prepare him/her for college and success. What’s humanity saying to our children when successful ball players never want for anything, but teachers can’t make a living. In my opinion, teachers invest the most into society. They’re preparing our future… money shouldn’t ever be an issue for them to do this. All available up to date supplies/recourses/ exc should be provided. When money stress isn’t an issue, teachers don’t stress…. students don’t feel their stress… everyone feel better equipped to do their job. Point blank… they should never be in a state of bare minimum.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Regardless of any teachers state of mind, they should remain professional and their students should never feel anything but learning in school.

                  Why are you comparing teachers to professional athletes?

                  When is money never an issue?

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Money is always an issue, whether in business, sports, exploitation, etc.

                      Money is the bottom line. At what point do you stop investing into something? Or do you just continue to throw your money away, knowing you will never get it back?

                      You see this is why socialism always fails, because there is never enough money to suffice and there will never be enough money to satisfy.

                    2. Then first and foremost, prioritize. Why are teaching struggling, though yes they may have salaries of $56k, and yet, because of inflation , there’s decreases in the average salary.

                      “ The estimated average teacher salary of $60,483 for 2017‒18 represents an increase of 11.2 percent over $54,368 in 2008‒09.

                      But, when the effects of inflation are taken into account, the average classroom teacher salary has actually decreased by 4.0 percent from 2008‒09 to 2017‒18. “ http://www.nea.org/home/73145.htm

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Exactly, that’s a lot more money than I make. If I can make what I got now work, why can’t they?

                      I thought they were supposed to be smarter than that.

                    4. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So, how does inflation work exactly?

                      Does the value of a dollar go down, so more dollars are required to make up for the loss? So, where is this money supposed to come from then? Who’s willing to take a pay cut or who is willing to earn?

                    5. In Brandy’s world, this whole system would operate a bit differently. Your saying though, make due with what you have… but, the cost of living is on a rise… and job cuts have been , as well. It’s all a balancing act.
                      Priorities define who we are… where’s the biggest chunks of money going ? Overseas? Professional athletes?
                      Most definitely not to our teachers… who need it.

                    6. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So why can’t they budget and figure out on their own if what they are getting paid is enough for them as individuals?

                      You see Nova that’s the problem with these “teachers”. They are paid on a scale, there is no incentive for them to excel. They are paid at the rate of the shittiest teacher. Since the Union will not allow outstanding teachers to be paid more.

                    7. I agree. They are. And they’re expected to feed 1000 faces with that which can only (indefinitely and undeniably) feed 450.

                    8. Cost of living. Do you realize the teachers are supplying all of these materials that the parents can’t? Would you be saying all of this if it was the parents responsibility solely to educate their children?

                    9. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Yes, yes I would. Perhaps the parents would then take their child’s education that much more seriously and ensure they won’t have to pay as much next year.

                    10. bottomlesscoffee007

                      So, if a kid was having a problem in school and it was costing the parents more and more money. I would think the first and easiest solution would be for the parents to make every effort to bring their child up to speed. Since they realize that the more their child lags behind, the more they will have to pay out of their own wallet.

                      Thereby, the parents are involved in the education process as well. The parents are not charged at a higher rate, since they are more invested in their child’s and only their child’s education.

                    11. Typically, the relationship trio is a teacher, student, and parent. That’s the “average”.
                      Again, changes in time, families are low income, moms are more likely single with multiple kids. She’s working two-three jobs. She’s doing the best she can to raise them up, educated and decent human beings… meanwhile, struggling to provide and her help is cut off because she happens to make $35 over the qualifying limit. Then, other parents just don’t care. Not all kids have responsible parents. Most have parents who send them off to school as if schools babysitting… and their free of responsibility during those hours. When money isn’t available, lifestyles change… and teachers are trying to keep if not gain money for the districts especially those of low income families so the students have the best chance. That’s their job.

                    12. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Exactly Nova, it’s life. Why should these teachers be insulated from what the rest of us experience?

                      Income is subjective, it all depends on how smart anyone is with what they are paid vs what they spend their money on.

                      Education should not be driven by the lowest common denominator. It should be strived for, not simply handed over when times are tough.

                      If there is no incentive to learn and there is no incentive to teach, what’s the point anymore?

            2. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for things that are important to you. My parents were not rich at all, in fact, they struggled, but investing in my future was worth all the sacrifices they made. To them, it was important for my to have a better future than they had.

      1. A lot of the stuff that is now “required” for schools was not necessary when we were all in school. We all had pencils, erasers and paper. That’s it, and that’s all that was really needed. Spending more money does not ensure a better education. teaching comes from the heart, not from the wallet.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      What am I missing here Nova? What is the bare minimum needed to reach in your mind? How much should education cost?

      Do all teachers suffer the same? What do they do over summer break?

      1. The bare minimum is what our school systems currently are. There’s no excess, anywhere… And there absolutely should be.
        Let’s say five students were asked to write 7+2 and solve the problem.
        One student is blind…
        Another student dyslexic…
        A third is of the average skills and can see… But can’t hear…
        A fourth can do as asked
        And a fifth has behavior issues….
        Pencil and paper isn’t sufficient in this case…. 4 of the 5 students won’t learn the concept. Teacher can’t say Oh well, not enough recourses so it’s their loss… He or she will provide extra material (maybe physical objects or a book in braille) to teach the same idea.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              So why do they continue to teach then? Why wouldn’t they go and learn the skills required before asking for more?

                1. Money is not the answer to make the educational process better. If “teachers teach” like you say, then they should do because they love to do so. if money is the issue, then maybe they need to find another profession, while still continuing to teach in another capacity. There is a saying, “follow your heart, and the money will come”. I believe in that. Do something because you love it, and if you do that, the doors will open up with many new possibilities.

                  1. We have teachers because they realize that money isn’t the reason why they’re in that profession. That’s not what I was saying I was sending Exact opposite actually.

          1. The question I always wonder is why privatize education (which costs more) instead of putting that money back into public schools? That money could provide for better school lunch, up to date supplies, and accommodate learning approaches for teaching staff and special needs children

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Sure Scherezade. Then why do people buy different automobiles? Why do people buy different houses, etc?

              Because private school is a premium, and if education is important to a parent, they might rather pay more money to send their child to a private school, to hopefully guarantee a future college graduate. Who knows the various reasons why?

              At the end of the day, those people still pay property tax and school tax, regardless if their children attend public school, private school or if they have no children at all. That alone seems rather questionable in my mind.

              Why pay a school tax if you don’t have any kids attending school?

              1. Private education doesn’t always mean premium, but when you have shit public schools that’s what ups the standards of private schooling. That’s what low income families are lead to if they want their children to get a good education, yet they can t afford the tuition. Scholarships maybe offered but they don’t cover the tuition costs.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Exactly, we all have decisions to make. Everything is a gamble, but if you prepare for the SATs over and over and over, your chances are probably better at achieving than if you just flub through it.

                  It all depends on what the priorities are and how important anything is to someone.

            2. I went to private school from K-6 because my parents thought of it as in investment. I went to public school from 7-12, but i went to a public school that had a strong emphasis on education, teaching the basics, reading, writing, arithmetic and the sciences. Then i went on to college, and now hold 4 degrees, but no one gave me any handouts for those degrees,. I had to work for them, both literally and figuratively. I worked a full 40-hour work week while carrying 16 units per semester. The opportunities are out they for anyone and everyone who is willing to work for them. there are NO handouts in life. You want it, you earn it!

      1. “ Because of low pay, new teachers often cannot pay off their student loans or buy homes in the communities where they teach. Teachers and other certified educators often work two or three jobs to make ends meet. The stress and exhaustion can become unbearable – forcing people out of their vocation. In addition, harsh evaluation policies, worsening working conditions, and lack of professional support are pushing more teachers out of the profession.”

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          If you can’t take the heat, get outta the kitchen.

          Why do they need to buy homes? Why can’t they relocate to another city or state or even country if they need so much money?

          If they chose the profession, they chose to get loans, they chose the area, at what point were they made to do anything?

          There are plenty of foreign countries that are paying top dollar to teach english.

          You see Nova, that’s how I see it. They were not forced into this position, or career. They chose it for themselves. Regardless of why they did what they did, they did it to themselves. Why are we then forced to give into their demands? To forgive more and more debt?

          If a teacher cannot teach, then they simply lack the drive and creativity to be successful. Just as a professional athlete, artist or entertainer. You either got it or ya don’t.

          If we want our children to be taught by mediocre teachers, then what effect will that have on our children in the future?

          1. You have “mediocre “ government not interested in investing in the lives of future generations!! Nothing about a single teacher is mediocre…. and if THATS what you think, fork out the cash so they’re better teachers with better recourses. You can’t teach the same concept the same way to 490000 students over a teaching career. You also can’t do it without restocking supplies and not having the “better than mediocre” … Teacher do with what they have.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Exactly Nova, the entire government sucks, so why do we continue to pay into a system that fails at every turn?

              So, no teachers are mediocre?

              1. When people really believe in a cause, they march. They picket. They strike. They demand. It’s getting individuals to believe in the cause that’s the struggle. Teachers understand this unfortunate low pay is reality from the moment they begin their college education.
                I think some teachers are better suited for the profession. I think some teachers could be more open minded about change. I think all teachers should most definitely be constantly learning (seminars and classes)… but, no I don’t think any teacher is midiocre.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  Ok, so why do they believe? Because money matters always Nova. If anyone ever tells you it’s not about the money, run. They’re trying to get one over on you.

  3. hawk2017

    The teachers I know spend a large part of their budget buying supplies that states don’t fund. The children buy basic supplies(paper, pencils, etc) the teachers must buy teaching supplies that compliment the books. The police had a collection taken to help. :))

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Why don’t they then claim those work expenses at the end of the year and get all of the money they spent on it back?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          That’s the thing Hawk. If anyone has to make purchases for their job, they can always claim them on their tax returns and 100% of their cost is reimbursed.

          But, if they cannot justify the expenses or if they were not authorized to make those purchases, then they cannot claim them.

          Either way, I can understand the desire to buy stuff to make a job easier. But if those expenses are not covered, then why make them?

  4. Marleen

    007 said: That’s the thing Hawk. If anyone has to make purchases for their job, they can always claim them on their tax returns and 100% of their cost is reimbursed.


  5. Marleen

    007 said: Retards with money, teaching kids and demanding more money.

    Callous retard with a website. You didn’t care — said, more than once, you didn’t give a shit (your choice of wording) — when I conveyed that I was a home educator and worked to get home education decriminalized in my state. It doesn’t really “work” to pretend you care about kids or new generations… and, yet, not care. I am in favor of public education that doesn’t hate teachers and in favor of freedom to home educate.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Oh, so you’re good with throwing your money away.

      Funny, it seems as if you have no issue with calling me names. I wonder why that is?

      It would seem as if you are a habitual hypocrite!

      1. Marleen

        I just quoted you calling teachers a name, and I just reminded you (if you have much of a memory to access) of dismissing motherly behavior. Who’s a hypocrite? And delusional as well. I don’t throw money away… unless you categorize having kids and spending money on them as throwing money away (which spending is inevitable in case you didn’t know). You don’t have kids, so money for kids is wasteful. Got it.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ok, so I say something bad, that means you are then justified. Gotcha, two wrongs make a right apparently. You’re such a great example Marleen.

          1. Marleen

            You were wrong about public school teachers getting all their money back… yet you called them retards. Live with it.

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