Trump and Obama, King of the World Edition

Not that long ago I wrote about the similarities between Trump and Obama during their campaigns.

Trump and Obama the Same, Campaign Edition

Over two years into the Trump Presidency and the similarities remain.

When Obama was in office, he was da debil!

Pilloried by the right. No matter what happened, Obama was da debil! It seems that he was a king, upheld by his most ardent and militant supporters. Criticism of Obama, was a sure way to be outed as a known racist. The edicts that King Obama so easily parlayed, were an affront to America. At least that’s what Fox News and every other talking head on the right would have you believe.

From the moment Trump was elected on 8 November, 2016 through the present, President Trump will have the entire world on fire, LITERALLY within the next 10 years! Or maybe that’s just semantics?

President Trump, gay folks, colored folks and educated folks best run fo da hills! Slandered and beseeched by the ENTIRE left. Trump’s only support lie in his base, a salty and uneducated bunch of toothless nincompoops. As King Trump sits atop his throne, he eats the world, while the rest of us wait for the leftovers.

The executive orders that he sloppily signs, only targets his enemies and everyone who doesn’t look like him, well, that’s what the left would have you believe. Speak out against Trump in the wrong crowd and you will surely be outed as a dyed in red communist. A commie that will rape your kids and make you watch in horror.

I realize that many will argue that they are quite dissimilar and I would agree. However, it seems that there is no middle ground between support and opposition. Instead of opposing the President or the polices, we oppose one another.

If a president can so easily pit us against one another, perhaps we do not deserve America.

Some went with Lincoln, others went with Davis. We’ve been here before, yet we never seem to learn.

What will the next Civil War be fought over? Do we even know what the Civil War was fought over in the first place?


29 thoughts on “Trump and Obama, King of the World Edition

      1. Anonymous

        Meaning I agree with everything you said, all of it. However, the last line kind of threw me off – Do we even know what the Civil War wA fought over in the first place?

        Slavery in the South a central cause of the Civil War, among other things, I am sure: since there is always a myriad of reasons behind most Wars. However, we all know that slavery was the main reason.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          And that’s the problem in my opinion. We’re the slaves immediately freed once the south surrendered to the north? Were the freed slaves immediately granted the same rights and protections under the law as everyone else?

          I could be wrong, but this is the problem in my mind. We so easily buy into the same bullshit every damn time. We fool ourselves into thinking that all we must do is back a person we don’t know or have control over. So we fight amongst ourselves, while they sit back and enjoy the show.

          Either we take control of our own lives, or we are beholden to whomever is occupying a seat.

          Either we are the pawns or they are.

          Have we ever really gotten what we wanted, or are we continually squeezed, expected to always compromise and sacrifice for their gain?

        2. bottomlesscoffee007

          Was the Civil War about slavery, states rights or the industrial north and the agricultural south?

          If this answer eludes us today, then we either don’t really know or we refuse to know what led us to kill one another.

          If we don’t know why we fought, then why do we continue fight?

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              So, hundreds of thousands of white boys and men went off to die to free the slaves, yet we still hear only half the story today?

              I would think that their sacrifice would suffice? That is, if abolishing slavery was the real motivation.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  So, ALL of the slaves were immediately freed? Not a single slave was kept in servitude? Or was the definition of a slave changed?

                  1. You know the answer to that….Obviously, it wasn’t immediate. Tools had to be implemented to ensure that the former slaves would be able to exist “peacefully” and properly with their new found freedom. The war was fought, slavery was abolished and eventually all were freed. Clearly, the Civil War was not fought in vain, despite what you might think.

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I’m not saying it was in vain, what I am saying is we immediately and easily give our support and patronage to a single person. We hope that they will live up you our individual expectations, but we don’t really know them or who they are.

                      We buy into this idea of “finally, I’m gonna win cause the person I voted for won”. Yet it’s the same story, every two years, whether it’s the president or congress.

                      We vote, we volunteer, we support, we donate, and what are we left with but talking heads on TV, calling each other names and labeling one another.

                      We don’t realize that we write blank checks to these people, since they won, we could care less. That is until the other side wins!

                    2. What would you have us do then? Not vote? Not support a candidate because they’re just another “talking head”?

                      Until you or anyone else can come up with a better solution, exercising our constitutional rights and showing support for any individual, who we believe further our sense of community and independence is always the way to go. It’s better to cast a vote and support someone than to just sit dismally folding our arms, while waiting for a miracle. Our presidents, all of them, are humans, prone to mistakes and oftentimes ridicule but I give them credit for having the clout to even try.

                      Do you think it’s easy being president? Showing up and subjecting yourself to all kinds of criticism (from people, who wouldn’t have the nerve to do such a job). As president you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, and this goes towards Obama and Trump alike. We the people live to condemn and criticize. We live for that. The performance of any President is never ever enough. It will never be enough because we all think we could do better or we have better ideas until thrust in the limelight and then we clam up. It’s easy to stay among the masses and groan and criticize. It is hard to put one’s self on display and run a country.

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Maybe you’re right. Then again, if the job is so hard, don’t complain. These people knew what they were getting into.

                      At the end of the day, is any past or present President beholden to any laws they have signed? Does the president or congress ever pay the price for what they ask?

                    4. I am right! I am done going back and forth with you… I am going to work so I can pay my taxes and live freely in the good ole US of A. I am a proud Jamerican!

                      Have a good day, 007!

                    5. bottomlesscoffee007

                      I’m not saying to vote or to not vote. What I am saying is, realize it’s all of us against them. The minute it becomes about us vs. us. Then they can do whatever they desire.

                      Since we are then fighting for them. Does any President or elected representative actually fight for all of their constituents?

                    6. I’ve been thinking about this. I now understand where I messed up with this post.

                      I wasn’t trying to say that slavery shouldn’t have been abolished. What I was trying to say is how easily we choose to fall in line behind a person we hardly know. We end up fighting each other for something that we don’t fully understand.

                      My issue with the idea that the civil war was fought solely over slavery is based in how it would be almost 100 years later to where blacks would finally have the same protections under the law and be viewed as legitimate citizens.

                      That’s what I was trying to contrast. We fight each other, we destroy each other, for someone else. We don’t even know what happens behind closed doors. Yet we choose a side and become determined to win at any cost. I don’t think we realize the true cost of what is at stake.

                    7. And this is why despite everything I can appreciate your views. You went and thought about it long and hard and came back with an explanation. That is decent of you. Thank you, 007!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly, do we oppose each other? Do we trust a government and a person whom we really have zero control over?

  1. hawk2017

    It is all a game, with puppet masters behind the scenes. Both are men with agendas , told by the masters that they will be a king in the coming NWO. But they also will be slaves when things come together. Just my opinion. The Bible says there will be 10 kings to uphold the NWO of the man who says he is god.:))

      1. hawk2017

        Yep. All men and womer are subject to Satan”s wiles, when it come to money and Power. That is why we need a counter weight through our Christ Jesus. :))

  2. As you know, Mr. Coffee, I’m not a lover of politics. But, concerning the freeing of slaves, I understand the point you are trying to make. Back in 1957, I was sent to camp for a week. I was just an eleven-year-old white kid that was taught to love everyone, so color was never an issue with me . That’s why it was so difficult for me to have fun at the amusement park that sunny day while my black friends had to stand behind the gate and watch. Now, 62 years later, I still can’t erase the image of their sweet, black faces peering behind those gates of cold steel. Free, but not free to participate in the white man’s world. I grew up in the north, but the north did not recognize the color black as being equal to the color white. And that’s freedom? Yes, slavery was abolished; physically done away with, but in the minds of the white people, blacks were and should always be slaves. Sadly, that mindset to a certain degree still rings loud and clear today. We are all slaves to an extent when you think long and hard about it. Slavery and prejudice will never die as long as people are on the earth. Slavery is not dead. Just look at sex trafficking. It doesn’t care what color you are. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m so tired of hearing about slavery and how the whites should be punished for it when, I had noting to do with it. Had it been up to me, a white lady who knows what prejudice feels like, there would have NEVER been slavery. I hate injustice! And everywhere I look, it stares me in the face. We as Americans; as people need to get over ourselves and learn to look beyond each other’s differences and accept one another as human beings. There. I said my peace.

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