I’m Confused by Equal and Equality

What does it mean to combine equal parts of something? In my mind, it means the exact same amount for both or all. When I hear how equal means different things depending on the person or the subject, I find myself completely lost as to the meaning of equal.

When I hear about equality, the same seems to apply and happen.

I guess I’m just an all or nothing kind of a guy. Either it means the same or it means nothing other than sounding good.

Does equal mean equal?

Does equality mean equality?

If equal and equality are determined by situation or scenario, then, is it really equal or equality?

If not for everyone, then no one. Is that so radical?

I mean, fertilizer does sound better than shit, doesn’t it? Yet they are usually one in the same.


35 thoughts on “I’m Confused by Equal and Equality

  1. You make a good point.
    However, I believe that equality can be relative at times.
    If I do the same job and produce the same results, give me the same pay. But being the “weaker vessel” that I am, don’t hit me cause your punch is not equal to mine.
    That’s my 2cents.

      1. It’s relative.
        I can see your confusion.
        There is no absolute in my opinion. You can’t just use this language of equality across the board. The topic dictates the definition. It’s not as simple as the pay illustration I gave earlier.

  2. hawk2017

    Nope, it is not. People have forgotten the definition of the words. Its all hooey, to make the meaning of a word to their definition. They do say what the uneducated child wants to hear.:))

  3. I was very grassroots politically active in the late 90s and early 00s. I used to catch so much hell from friends/fellow activists for my dislike of affirmative action. I thought (and still think) it’s racism. Giving someone preferential treatment because of their skin color…white, brown or purple…is racism.

    I believe in equal treatment, equal pay, equal responsibility for everyone. That’s a very general statement. Specific examples for disabilities, education vs experience… there’s some tweaking, some grey area…but overall, gender, skin color or sexual orientation should not be a factor in how people are treated. IMO (<-disclaimer😂)

  4. Equal means equal in terminology. In practice, it depends. Equal pay for equal work. Yes. Men & women are NOT equal. They may perform tasks, equally but, that is not always true. Men still can’t have the kids. Women can’t stand up to pee. They both pee (equal) but, do it differently.

    Don’t discount language application, too.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      I would think a language or an additional language would make that individual above equal.

      So, are we equal then? If we are equal then there should be no male and female standard. One generalized standard across the board.

      If we are not equal, then we realize that each has its own strengths that the other cannot compete with. Thereby, not being equal actually strengthens men and women separately.

      If we are equal by race or heritage, then again. One standard across the board. The same for all. If we are not equal, then we got some problems!!!!

      1. All I can say is, equal in some areas, different in others. Applying generalized standards across the board for every subject, topic and task is impossible. Men still can’t have children.

        And, regarding race, I get right back to…we are all varying degrees of mutt.

        I think similarities should be enjoyed & championed and, differences appreciated & respected.

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