If All You Seek is the Answer, Then That’s All You May Ever Find…

Since humans have inhabited this planet or since Adam and Eve, whatever you believe. Our race has been obsessed to find the answers.

It seems we buy into the answer, more than we realize the cost of finding those answers.

We must remember, just because we may have found the answer, perhaps others are still searching for their answers. I can understand the desire to help others. But often the answer, is not the means by which to convince.

Patience, understanding and acknowledging is what more often than not encourages curiosity. The more curious people become, the more willing they are and more open they become to not simply know the answer, but to fully understand the answer.

The answer is not knowing, it is rather understanding.


25 thoughts on “If All You Seek is the Answer, Then That’s All You May Ever Find…

  1. Yes, and no. I agree that you can’t push too hard (even though it can be difficult for me to accept it at times). However, I think that if you completely leave people to their own devices, they will become lazy. Of course, not everyone. But some. Most. They don’t care. They become numb.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      You could be right, but I think people become numb because of too many answers that require drastic changes. Answers that they feel or know do not include them.

      1. Too many answers that require drastic changes? Answers that they feel or know do not include them?

        Coffee? What are you getting at? This almost sounds like moral relativism. What am I missing?

        A journey for answers can be interesting but, ultimately, truth is truth, hard to swallow or not.

        I’m with Goldie on this.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Sure, the truth is the truth no matter what. But instead of battling over what is true and what is not true.

          Why not allow everyone to arrive at their own conclusions in their own time? That way, they believe it for themselves, rather than having it shoved down their throat.

  2. Hear hear!!👏👏🌟
    It’s the journey, not the destination. Does anyone know how to do research anymore? Google and there’s your answer. Life doesn’t work that way though. I think that’s a huge piece of our society’s problems.

    It’s like I told my daughter when she asked “Can you take this load of pain from me?” I told her “No. But I’ll help you carry it”

    I’m SOOOOO loving this post!!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Ha, funny how that works.

          I really think that most people want to be left alone to live their lives and not be constantly bogged down or lectured to as to why they are wrong or guilty.

          I would love on the side of a mountain in solitude if I could, speaking honestly.

  3. I’m not advocating shoving anything down anyone’s throat. However, unfortunately, many don’t want truth. They want answers that are in line with their own personal fantasies even when truth is staring them in the face. Thousands suffer cognitive dissonance daily.

    Will they arrive at truth on their own? Not without work. And, yeah, you can lead a horse to water but…

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