Cleopatra Eyes, How Far Does This Extend?

Cultural appropriation, black face, Halloween costumes and the desire to fit in while standing out.

So, just so I understand this, dressing up, darkening or lightening of the skin and hair styles, is this really what people obsess over? I grew up wearing clothes from Goodwill and hand me downs. My first pair of Nikes wasn’t until I joined the military. Even then, they were not a fashion statement as much as they were simply good running shoes.

I understand how other people will pick on someone for what they wear. But aren’t these high school games? Really, focusing on what someone wears, versus how they act or what they do? What’s next, designer or knock off, who wore it best?

Many women wear their eyeliner in the fashion of Cleopatra. I think it looks good, I have no issue with it by any means. At the same time though, if these are the standards by which we are meant to live by. How come Cleopatra eyeliner, is given an excuse?

This is what I am talking about. If some new standard is raised and is enforced through “social justice”, then why doesn’t it apply to everyone equally?

Perhaps, uniformity is what is needed, so people can focus on the task at hand, instead of whether or not your clothing or makeup is a distraction or disrespectful.

Cleopatra eyes…perhaps makeup should be banned as well. It all depends on if this is real outrage or it is simply meant as a distraction. If all you or anyone worries about is what garb or makeup is appropriate, well then, perhaps life is much better that we care to acknowledge.

Should Cleopatra eyes be reserved for Egyptians alone? Wouldn’t want to offend any of them, would you?

Maybe “Lucky Charms” cereal is offensive to Irish people. Jerk chicken only for folks from the Caribbean, Yoga, only for people from India. How far does this nonsense extend?

All or nothing, it’s a zero sum game. If these are the standards we are forced to live by from here on out, we will all live sterile and boring lives. Are we bound by our skin color, our sex, our heritage?

Cleopatra eyes, it’s only a matter of time…


69 thoughts on “Cleopatra Eyes, How Far Does This Extend?

  1. Cultural appropriation (which this phrase has been worn the hell out😥) is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of Ideas, practices, and customs of a people. It’s the way those customs, practices, ideas, are used. If there’s ill intent behind it, then hell yeah it’s offensive.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Ok, offensive. If they are offensive and we become offended, then are we playing into their games? We are getting played!

      1. 1) if it offends me, then it does and I will address accordingly. Just like if I offended someone, I would expect them to tell me and out of respect for them, not do the offense anymore.

        2) If it’s a game to purposely offend someone, then that person is an asshole, period.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly my point Scherezade. If someone is being an asshole, then going at it with them, your simply playing into what they want you to play into.

          Your giving your energy away for free.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I can understand that Scherezade. But where and when does it end.

              If we focus on this, then what are we ignoring?

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  What do you mean “kicks”? Is kicking considered empathy or empathetic?

                  Are you willing to offend the offenders? How is that any different then?

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      And that’s how wars begin. Words, then fists, then clubs, then knives, then guns etc. etc. etc.

                      And that’s what I mean, where does it end? How many lives must be ruined and lost before it ends?

                      What cost are we willing to pay?

                    2. No, I don’t follow what everyone does. I don’t go around looking to punch someone in the face when they give me a dirty look, but that’s me. I’m not someone else who feels differently, that’s their own decision

            2. bottomlesscoffee007

              And who decides what is and what is not appropriate?

              It just seems to me like an exercise in futility and wasted energy, energy and time that we will never recoup.

                1. bottomlesscoffee007

                  But where does that end Scherezade? It seems to me like it will never end. And at the same time, if this is offensive, then doesn’t that directly translate to life here is a lot better than we care to admit?

                    1. bottomlesscoffee007

                      If that’s the worse thing that someone can do, then doesn’t that mean that we have less problems?

                    2. bottomlesscoffee007

                      But feelings are not actually tangible. And isn’t a person in charge of their own feelings?

                    3. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Feelings are only tangible to the individual who feels those feelings. Meaning, you, nor I nor anyone for that matter can actually control the feelings of anyone other than ourselves as individuals.

                      If our feelings control us, then are we at the behest of our feelings?

                      Do we make decisions with our head or our heart?

                      Do you bet with your head or your heart?

                    4. I make decisions using both but it depends on the situation. I control what I do or think or act. I’m usually aware of others feelings(I don’t always get it right, but I keep a close eye).

                    5. bottomlesscoffee007

                      Exactly Scherezade, it’s on the individual to make up their own mind. If we are obsessed to the point of not offending, we might find ourselves locked in our homes, afraid to go outside.

  2. I think people are just looking for ways to be offended and this whole “offensive” trend has taken on a life all of its own. People need to just grow up and walk away. There are things that offend all of us, everyday. Those of us who are mature walk away and don’t give it a second thought. Those that want to make something out of nothing are just massive attention seekers, and little do they realize they are the biggest offenders of all.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Yeah, totally Jeanne. If you just ignore stuff that really doesn’t have any real effect on you. Life becomes easier.

      We either address all of it or none of it.

  3. Well said. I agree with the boring part, there is no color anymore, don’t say this, don’t wear this, don’t look at someone or compliment them for they might take it the wrong way. BORING! Comedians can’t even be shocking or funny anymore. Red Fox or Richard Pryor are rolling over in their graves.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Nothing from where I’m standing. A question as to what is and what is not allowed by society. All or nothing.

      1. Less and less thongs are allowed these days. Politically correct is everywhere it seems. Words are being withdrawn from the dictionary, others are added. One idea or trend is replaced and made obsolete a few months, sometimes weeks after. A very unstable world if you want my view. No wonder so many people feel lost and unstable.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Exactly Monaminga. Why can’t we just accept ourselves for who we are? If we cannot accept others, then why should they accept us?

  4. When I had long hair back in the 70s, it was very wavy. My girlfriend at the time persuaded me to get a perm. I did, and I essentially ended up with what looked like an afro. My black friends did not take kindly to it, accusing me of appropriating their culture. Seriously? It was just a haircut.

  5. hawk2017

    The people who do this are trying to distract others while doing dirty work to gain more power, I think. One needs to research more deeply for the reason that is really behind any platform.:))

  6. This crap is being done on purpose. Divide. Conquer. Old tactics. And, your commenter, above? The one that advocates violence because of a ‘perceived offense’? DAMN. Really?

    I’m offended by stupid shit on the idiot box on a daily basis. But, I’m certainly not going to ‘jack someone up & teach ’em a lesson’. GEEZUS.

    Cultural appropriation is a recent term. It just ‘appeared’ in our language from social media. This is a-kin to ‘name-dropping’. This ‘issue’ was deployed on purpose to make people fight. That way, we aren’t paying attention to what our dark overlords are doing in the backroom.

    People desperately need to get over themselves…have a Coke, and a smile, and STFU!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      LOL Victoria. I hear ya, it can be annoying. I’m just trying to understand and talk it out. The more we all communicate, the weaker “their” power over us.

      All we have to do is stand back and talk it out.

      1. I agree with what you are doing. But, too many don’t want to talk. They just want to be offended because it is the ‘in’ thing to do. God forbid anyone admit they were wrong about something. Everyone would rather be right than kind.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          In the end Victoria, from where I’m standing. Being right is the least of my concerns. I just wanna talk and understand.

  7. I can only speak of cultural appropriation of the Native American culture. My ex is Native and I learned a lot about the culture and beliefs.

    My ex, and many other Natives feel that when people dress in ‘costumes’ a la Dances With Wolves or smudge or do sweat lodges ‘for fun’, without the knowledge of what those ceremonies or those articles of clothing mean or represent, then even more of their heritage is taken away from them. Let’s face it, the Natives got a raw deal. Genocide is not pretty. They have turned it back with the casinos and other businesses but they are still trying to hold onto their heritage.

    A woman in a war bonnet is offensive. Women didn’t go to war and earn feathers.

    Bottom line is we ALL need to be more respectful of others. Don’t make fun of differences, learn about and from them. And don’t be ridiculously thin skinned and ready to take offense. The other person may just be ignorant and not understand why their actions are offensive.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It seems impossible to not offend though. At what point does any of this stop.

      I can understand your sentiments towards the native Americans. But how did their tribes become so massive? That’s one thing I don’t understand, why do the Native Americans always get a pass from their history of conquering and colonizing other tribes, people’s and lands?

      1. They don’t get a pass from their history. No one does. And each tribe is different. There are many many tribes with different traditions. Most people think all tribes are like the Lakota aka Sioux because of Dances With Wolves. My ex is Anishaanabe from the UP Michigan. They are very different from the Lakota.

        That’s what I mean about ignorance. People don’t take the time to learn. They just think “oh, this will be fun” and don’t realize what they’re doing. Do you fill your water bottle from the holy water in a Catholic church? Or use a Jewish prayer shawl as a fashion statement? Those are just random examples. I mean people should educate themselves about different cultures. Honestly, it would decrease the “otherness” and end a lot of problems.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          You might be right Granny. It goes both ways though. Perhaps it would be different if more people spoke with one another and actually discussed things. Instead of always casting stones.

          Talk it out, just like you and I.

          1. Didn’t mean to just drop out of the conversation but Ben got home and chaos…

            We have a culture of people waiting to be offended and we have the SJW who have their “cause of the day” and we have marginalized people who have been trying to get equal treatment forever and are still trying.
            The average Joe/Jane isn’t meaning to cause offense and isn’t easily offended. Social media definitely fans the flames!! Big Brother is watching you and has been. If people rely on the media to do their thinking for them (and so many do) then things are only going to get worse.

            But this, right here, this dialogue is all we can do. Share different idea, different viewpoints, different perspectives… respectfully and hopefully learn from each other.

    2. If our society had REAL schools, ignorance of other cultures and, history in general, would not be an issue. My significant other & I, both, have an NA vein running thru our families (different tribes, tho). It is rude to do something in ignorance but, it should be handled with understanding. Intent is key.

      1. Absolutely intent is important! In those REAL schools people would also learn morality/ethics and we wouldn’t have so many people walking around with a sense of entitlement ready to be offended by a sneeze.

  8. “If all you or anyone worries about is what garb or makeup is appropriate, well then, perhaps life is much better that we care to acknowledge.”
    This! We have it so good. I consider it a blessing that things like whether or not people are nice enough to each other online is the biggest shit we have to worry about.

  9. I think it is all stupid. I once tried to wear make-up, but went green in the face LOL, so have never tried it again. As I’ve grown older, I no longer see the point in make-up. We are all beautiful the way we look naturally. No need to hide it.

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