Cheers or Jeers? 2019, State of the Union Address

I didn’t tune into the “State of the Union” address last night and I am steering clear of any commentary today. You either loved it or you hated it, I do not believe many find the middle or the common ground.

Today, like every other day, people will be cheering it, while other people will be jeering it. It will be referred to as unifying, racist, amazing, sexist, promising, xenophobic, uplifting and lying. You see, I see no point in “playing along” with “politics as normal”.

If you’re willing to get into a fight, whether physical or verbal, if you’re willing to lose friends and family over politics. Then you are doing exactly what “they” want you to do.

Are you their puppet? Their pet, that they commend and condemn in one breath?

The more you follow them, the less they will follow you. You are either at the helm, or you are a hapless passenger, strapped in and you have no say in where we end up.


17 thoughts on “Cheers or Jeers? 2019, State of the Union Address

  1. I watched it last night.
    There were quite a few moments during which party lines were blurred (people from all sides would stand up and clap), which I found interesting.

    I came into work this morning, expecting everyone to be talking about it. No one was. Maybe it’s because it ran long and people went to bed early? Or maybe, in fact, it wasn’t as polarizing as you’d expect it to be. Even the news has nothing much to say (aside from saying that the Dems wouldn’t stand, which is semi-true since there were moments when they did and moments when they did not. Also, the Dems weren’t unified in standing/ sitting.).

  2. Great post! No TV so I only know what I skimmed from the few news articles I read. I don’t listen to the rhetoric anyway. When it comes time to vote, I read, read, read. The actual words of a proposition or everything I can find about a candidate. I make decisions based on *my* beliefs and what *I* want from my government, not party lines.
    This isn’t a freakin popularity contest or prom King/Queen!

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Neither did I Rue, I just know how all the “players” play, since they are more concerned with their own gain, rater than actually representing their entire districts.

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