Belle Talks Women and Guns: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 53

Belle talks her experiences with and around guns, what she does and what she has learned.

Can-Can Holster

U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

The Well Armed Woman

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5 thoughts on “Belle Talks Women and Guns: TidePodcast Epic-Sode 53

  1. Interesting that Belle buys from a female. Is there always a female working?

    But she relies on guys for reviews? Interesting.

    Oh, yes, you do need to yell and scream, and give them probably 2 warnings before you can actually shoot. Otherwise, you will be sued. Same with cops. They can’t just shoot.

    Great simple tips not everyone thinks about.

    Once you start practicing, it becomes 2nd nature.

    1. Belle

      Yes I only buy from females because most of the time when I’m going to purchase a firearm I’ve already done the research I don’t need a sells guy who knows just enough to make it sound like he knows what he’s talking. And talk down to me because I’m female. If a female isn’t working when I go in I’ll just come back but thankfully my gun store has several female employees who are amazing. I also watch the reviews I watch because those guys know every and all specs and have the best reviews hands down. I wouldn’t mind purchasing from a guy as long as he’s not talking down to me and acting like he knows more just because im a female.

        1. Belle

          I’ve thought about it. It’s just hard todo when you have a bunch of little ones. Maybe when they all start school i can use that time to start a review channel.

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