The Voice Behind the Keyboard, Monaminga from France: Epic-Sode 49

Monaminga from Monaminga swings by the studio, all the from France! We talk culture, adaptability and understanding, the original Bi-Lingual Beauty herself, Monaminga is a very entertaining and thoughtful guest.

Monaminga gave a Shout-Out and a TidePodcast Challenge to Sadje from over @ Life After 50 for Women, swing on over and check out Sadje when you get the chance, aaaaaaand don’t forget to tell her Monaminga sent ya!!!

Bottomless Coffee 007 (pssst, that’s me) gave a Shout-Out to Dorothy from over @ Dey’s Publishing, Dorothy will be on “The Voice Behind the Keyboard” tomorrow, so swing on by, check Dorothy out and don’t forget to tell her that BC007 sent ya!!!


26 thoughts on “The Voice Behind the Keyboard, Monaminga from France: Epic-Sode 49

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Monaminga, you’re such an enlightened and entertaining guest. I had such a wonderful time with you. Please, stop by again. It was absolutely wonderful!!!

      1. It was, I had no idea how it would go, but it was simple as “hellow”, I trully recommand other bloggers to takepart in this. You’re gonna be very busy man,be ready!

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Oh my gosh, I hope you are right Monaminga.

          That’s all it really is, simple conversation. Building a bridge between all of us.

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