A Roaring Good Time, Rory and I Discuss Schedules,Writing and Animal Sounds: A Roaring Good Time, Epic-Sode 47

Rory, from “A Guy Called Bloke” and BC007 talk about balancing schedules, what writing does for us, our fellow bloggers and animal sounds.

Rory gave the following Bloggers a Shout-Out!

Carolyn from over @ Hawk Feather Stories

Kristian from over @ Tales From the Mind of Kristian

Angie from over @ King Ben’s Grandma

Ursula from An Up-Turned Soul

Britchey from over @ Bitchin in the Kitchen, Britchy has been having some difficulty and has been dealing with some pain, so send her your well wishes.

I gave a Shout-Out to Mel from “Crushed Caramel”, head on over and check her out, Mel has got quite the flair for writing and expression, and remember to tell her who sent ya!


27 thoughts on “A Roaring Good Time, Rory and I Discuss Schedules,Writing and Animal Sounds: A Roaring Good Time, Epic-Sode 47

  1. Thanks for the shout-out Coffee 🙂

    I will listen to the podcast … probably tomorrow morning when I do my ironing, because I am only going to want to sleep when I am home tonight.

      1. I love listening to you and Rory chatter on. The animal noises should be a regular feature. Think of all the possibilities – comparing English and American animal honks!

        You work very long hours! Did you say in construction? I have worked on lots of construction projects since I was sixteen, mainly in soft-trades and as a general labourer. What do you do on construction projects?

        Poor Rory – he must be so fed up of the pain in his shoulder.

        The subject of how open to be your audience is an interesting one. But I think the way you are in real life may have a bearing on that. If someone is cautious in real life with certain personal subjects because they are concerned how their general acquaintance would perceive them, it might be safest to exercise a similar caution with regards to written posts. But others don’t care what anyone else thinks in real life and make no excuses to people who are picky about what they say or do.

        Timing may affect the reaction too. I am thinking of a very popular celebrity here in England who made some rather distasteful jokes about a minority group recently – and who was instantly dismissed. It did not help that the media group they were associated with were preparing a series featuring that minority. In addition there was a court-case featured in the media involving the minority group. The timing may have effected the public reaction to the comments made.

        But just as there are trusted friends and family who we can count on not to overreact as we express our personal views, maybe as Rory mentioned, maybe if there is something we want to write about but we are not sure of the general reaction, we might publish it only making it accessible to bloggers who we think know us a bit better and understand where we are coming from.

        Keep the podcasts coming Coffee – they are great fun.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Wow, Mel you really like this!!!!!! Thank you so very much for listening and providing very thorough and insightful feedback. I must say, Rory is an absolute delight and a riot to listen to.

  2. Another great conversation 👍

    I used to keep journals. Especially when this whole injury thing started. It really helped me sort out my feelings. I encourage you to keep writing and publish whatever you want. The only opinion that really matters in the end is your own. If you’re comfortable with it, then it’s all good.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Thanks for listening Granny. You’re right, it’s all on the individual.

      I never kept a journal, wish I had though.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Just something a little too close to the chest Goldie. Nothing really interesting, more introspective than anything really.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          Not trying to sound tough or anything. But certain anniversaries come and I get down. That’s all. It’s normal for me honestly.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I’m not uncomfortable Goldie. But that’s partly why I didn’t publish it, because it could be perceived as too heavy. Just regular manopause stuff!!!

  3. Really enjoyed listening to you both chat! It was fascinating listening to Rory talk about “villages”. The surgery process sounds very painful. Rory handles these situations admirably. I like the discussion about various social media platforms and concentrating on that one platform. I appreciate these thoughts on blogging, writing content, humor, and readership feedback and comments. A discussion on chicken/goat communication…You guys make me laugh!

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