Hurricane Harvey: 1791l


13 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey: 1791l

  1. The concluding words were golden.
    Great video. Thanks for sharing.
    It seems to me like the trend of pushing someone under the bus is over. For Hollywood. When will it be over for DJT? Will it follow him until his death and even further?

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      It all depends on whether DJT capitulates. If he does kiss the ring then his funeral will mirror McCains and Bush’s.

  2. hawk2017

    TY for Vid. Evil has not died, it is blatant in ones face. This hurricane is a breeze now. The new one is child sex trafficking, and child sacrifice. Wow, just when you think..

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      The eye of the storm is where it breeds and builds. The outside seems crazy, but the inside is pure debauchery!

      The sodomites in the church are on the lam and the pope is their cover.

      1. hawk2017

        I live in a portion of the state that are Catholic and most do not agree with the new teachings of the Pope. They are horrified about the sodomy.:(

          1. hawk2017

            True. But I find that most people want miracles and signs. Our God and Savior did all the things and more , yet He was murdered by the powers that be. He arose and that is the assurance of our eternity. He placed His Blood on the alter before the Father and IS Priest and King forever. 🙂

  3. What? Hellyweird is full of hypocrites? Say it ain’t so… I thought our silver screen heroes were perfect. I’m shattered. Just…shattered. I think I need a therapy animal…

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