Does The Conversation About E-Cigarettes Divulge Hypocrisy?

If the human brain isn’t fully developed before approximately age 25, what else should “children” be barred from until the age of 21 or 25?


Serving in the Military?


Signing contracts?

Drinking alcohol?

If safety is of concern, then these and many more things should probably have the minimum age raised to either 21 or 25.

I still cannot understand why marijuana usage is hardly discussed. Cigarettes bad, but a joint is perfectly fine?

I would think that driving would kill and maim more children than any e-cigarette.


31 thoughts on “Does The Conversation About E-Cigarettes Divulge Hypocrisy?

  1. I believe e-cigs were targeted toward the younger generation to begin with. Promises of “not addictive” and can be a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes, along with the exotic vape scents coming into play.

  2. Maybe because I’m such a hermit I missed that e-cigs are being marketed to children. I thought the big difference was smoke bad, water vapor good. Meh…

    I say, if one is an “adult” at 18 then why can an adult not buy and consume whatever they want?! Laws recently changed in CA to raise tobacco and vape to 21. And cannabis too when recreational use was made legal. When it was just medical it was 18.

    I wrote a paper about this 18 vs 21 in high school, waaaaay back in the 80s. Make it all 18 or all 21.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Exactly Granny. It seems all to convenient. When it works for them, they change the laws and regulations based on sales. Sales, Granny, sales is the reason for the majority of all of our laws and regulations.

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          You think this is only within our borders? This is worldwide Granny, it has always been and will always be.

  3. hawk2017

    I have said the gov. cannot controle vice. Look at Prohibiton of alcohol. One of the worse times in our history. We need to teach children from an earily age what they need to prohibit in their lives and that is not likely to happen in this age.:*(

  4. Shine a light on those f****** absurdities, Coffee. If an 18 year old can die for the damn country, 18 should be the age of total consent. That just leaves the DL in question…

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s what I’m saying Victoria. Do we continue to coddle and perpetuate this idea of perpetual childhood? All that does is raise a generation of pansies!

    2. Amen!! I’ve said exactly the same thing forever. If you can join the army or get married you should be able to have a drink to celebrate either. You’re either an adult or you aren’t.

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