Psychology and Mental Health are Replacing Philosophy

Socrates was executed for asking questions and inspiring others to do the same. He never claimed knowledge, only curiosity and interest. You see philosophy is not a mastery, it is not a level, it requires nothing but questions.

The practice of philosophy is simple. There are no barriers to philosophy and there is no class division. Merely seek out the answer, the real answer. Ask a question and seek out why.

Philosophy views everyone as the simple creatures we are. It levels the playing field and removes the manufactured barriers to all issues. Honestly and humility are paramount when seeking answers.

Theology has its roots in philosophy. A yearning to understand or at least scratch the surface. In faith, one acknowledges that God is the truth, the sole truth. So, theology through philosophy aims to understand that truth, for what it actually means and how to put it into practice.

Philosophy acknowledges the human condition of being human. There are no diagnostics or diagnosis’s in philosophy. Philosophy places the person first and sees the humanity in that person. Humanity being human.

Psychology is the black arts, mental health separates us from each other. Psychology is the modern day soothsayer, the medicine man. Psychology doesn’t fix anything, it only labels a bad habit, only a current social taboo. Psychology doesn’t acknowledge the person, it merely attempts to diagnose the person.

Psychology is limited by culture and traditions. Philosophy has no limits, only questions. Philosophy requires discipline, psychology requires a degree, a social legitimacy. Society is not a measure of partnership or virtue, society is an exercise of excusability and justification. Society will always harm its inhabitants, psychology is the tool that is put into practice to provide that justification.


Religion and politics are philosophy. They are hard to discuss with humility and humanity. Politics is not policy, politics is the idea of fairness and equality, attempting to find a way to get there. Religion is the succumbing to truth, to God. Politics and religion are avoided, because they are philosophical questions and discussions.

“The Death of Socrates”

Socrates, Wikipedia

“I know that I know nothing” (Socrates).

Philosophy threatens the crown, since the crown only requires obedience.


26 thoughts on “Psychology and Mental Health are Replacing Philosophy

  1. Interesting. I have to say, though, that cognitive therapy once a week for nearly two years helped me to understand what the heck was going on with me; why I was so angry. Why I couldn’t be around my mother for less than a minute before my insides were blowing up. Why I couldn’t walk into a crowded room without feeling the tremendous urge to run back out the door. Why I felt nobody loved me. The Mental Health Clinic offered the help I needed without medication, although, I am on medication, now. Looking back on those two years, I can see that my weekly sessions were nothing more than questions and answers and giving my feelings names so that I could better understand why I felt so anxious under stressful situations. So I’d have to say that God together with psychology, and philosophy helped me to heal. But God orchestrated the entire healing process.

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      Wow Sandi, that’s wonderful that you got the help you needed. I could be wrong about all of this, these are just thoughts and questions that I pose.

      1. Thanks, Mr. Coffee, but I don’t think you’re wrong. Many people don’t get the help they need because they don’t want to go through the grueling process; all that hurt and reliving those painful events; facing the demons within, taking responsibility for their own actions, and willingness to change. That’s why they give up. Giving up was not an option for me. It was either do or die. I’m glad I did it and saw it through to the bitter end.

  2. My first reaction was to disagree. I’ve always been interested in psychology, so I felt like I had to defend its merits. However, after another thought, I was able to see your point. Shrinks are not for me. But, what does work for me is philosophy working in tandem with psychology. Both done by me and for me.

  3. I really enjoy your writing. Psychology is a fascinating subject, though I’ve had a great experience with my counselor so I’m a bit bias on the subject of talk therapy. I’m thankful for the profession and the advancement over the years. I do really appreciate your point of view. Would you mind taking a look at my blog, I’m curious what others get from my writing? I look forward to following your blog. Thanks!

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