I Understand if it is Too Much to Deal With

I was locked out of Facebook last night. I could go on and on about censorship and whatever else, but here’s the truth.

Facebook is a business and they are in the business of making money. How do they make money you ask? They sell user data and they sell advertising space.

My account was a fake account. My name wasn’t associated with it, my birthday, my location, my picture etc. Facebook couldn’t make a profit off of my account. So, Facebook is “free” for anyone to use, yet you are the product for them to sell.

In the meantime, my Skype account is still up and running. I still deeply want to continue to pass the mic along to all of you. These interviews, until further notice will have to take place over Skype.

My Skype handle is BC007

Please look me up and add me as a friend.


21 thoughts on “I Understand if it is Too Much to Deal With

  1. 🙂 I deleted my Facebook account last year.

    The only people that benefit from Facebook are the ones who pay to have their posts boosted.

    And, you are right about the censorship on that social media platform.

  2. Facebook is boring. I joined about 2 1/2 years ago, back when all the heated politic arguments were taking place. I hate to say, but I enjoyed all of those. But since FB has eliminated all the newsfeeds, and censors everything so heavily, it has become really boring. I basically use it only to promote my blog now.

  3. Skype, people still use that? I always feel like I’m outside of cyber space. I can’t keep up.

    I’ve been distancing myself from FB because nobody I know is doing anything, if they are then they’re overexaggerating. 😒 People bite off of everyone else’s ideas.

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