You Know You Got a Great Job When You’re Willing to Wait it Out!

What is today, something like day 32 or 33, I believe of the government shutdown? Can you see how great it is working for the federal government?

How many of you out there would wait it out?

If it is so bad, how come these people are not looking elsewhere for employment and income?

– Because, the benefits are crazy good.

– The pension plan is crazy good.

– The medical, dental and vision plans are crazy good and incredibly cheap compared to private sector health plans.

– The amount of paid vacation days and paid sick days is off the charts.

– Guaranteed raises every single year, no matter what!

– It’s is incredibly difficult to get fired from federal employment.

– If for some reason your department or office is closed, you automatically jump to the front of the line for other federal employment opportunities.

So, these are a few of the actual reasons why these federal employees are not looking for a job elsewhere. They know they got a free ride. They know that in the private sector, they would actually have to perform.

So meanwhile, they will continue to empty food closets and drain more charity organizations.

These people do not work for the federal government because they are patriotic. They work for the biggest welfare organization in the world, and they know it.


12 thoughts on “You Know You Got a Great Job When You’re Willing to Wait it Out!

  1. Well, I know what I would’ve done, after the first time they shut it down, I wouldn’t have been working for the government anymore. I won’t comment on what government workers are doing now, not my place. I just pray they either let up on this shutdown foolishness (whi character is bullying) or find employment elsewhere. My two cents😔

  2. Anonymous

    Judgement is easy when you have a full belly and a good night’s sleep. 380,000 workers are furloughed, so they are not working and maybe they have no excuse for not working i suppose, but 420,000 are working without pay, to include over 40,000 coastguard members. Also, performing a job for compensation is not a free ride, no matter what your perception of what that job is or what that compensation may consist of. Not every government employee gets the same benefits, nor do they get paid the same. Lastly, what would you do if you were in there shoes? Would you retain your job in order to keep taking advantage of your benefits? Or would you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and become a self made billionaire? There is nothing out there but space and opportunity to be sure, but your perception may not be another’s reality. -Steve

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s a good point. Isn’t the military funded through fy 2020? Isn’t this the first time there is a budget to keep the military getting paid?–r7PWFM

      If you cannot access the video, please search “Dave Ramsey Government Shutdown”. It’s a good explanation of how lending companies work.

      I would retain my job. How transparent is it that these benefits are never openly discussed. The conversation that is being presented is onesided and therefore inaccurate.

      Just like everything else in the military and government, all you ever hear about is the 10% that fuck it up for everyone else.

      I’d be a sick call ranger right about now if I wasn’t getting paid, trying to get quarters and profiles until the government opens up again!!!

      You’re right, my perception may be skewed, but then again, isn’t everyone’s?

      If times were really that hard on me, I’d have a yard sale and sell some guns and whatever else I could to provide for my family.

      Honestly, I don’t know if I’m gonna get my retirement check or my disability check. But if that’s what I have to kiss goodbye for a purge of the system, then I’m good with it.

  3. Anonymous

    The system needs to be purged, to be sure, but is this the way to do it? Also, the DOD is still being funded, as is the VA so you are still good to go. I think what bugs me here is the total lack of empathy on all sides here. Fuck the government workers because they have good jobs and will get paid eventually? What about FBI investigations into human trafficking and drug smuggling that aren’t being funded? What about coastguard cutters (funded by DHS not DOD) getting money for fuel in order to intercept smugglers of all kinds? If we can sacrifice these things in order to get something that we perceive will be beneficial to us politicaly, than why can we not sacrifice th ings you care about like the 1st and second amendmant? After all, you’ll get over it eventually, right? You’re right, there is a lot going on here aside from the total lack of empathy. We are seeing fellow Americans livelihood jeopardized in the name of political gain. The dumbest part is that The bulk of people who are really for or against this wall will not really be affected by the wall existing or not. if you think the wall is an abomination, a wall on the border won’t stop America from Being the greatest most free country in the world. If you think that the country will implode without the wall, we’ve made it this far without it. Statistically we won’t see a massive drop in crime, because most crime i n America is committed by Americans. We won’t see a drop in drugs because there are plenty of highly addictive drugs that are legally manufactured here in the US. The only thing that I guarantee you will see when this whole debacle blows over is another political argument that Americans will need to make sacrifices for, in order to facilitate politicians arguements. -Steve

    1. bottomlesscoffee007

      That’s the biggest problem, it is all politics. And like usual, it ain’t the politicians paying the price.

      To be honest, I’d be very happy to see the IRS, the ATF and the DEA go the way of the Dodo.

      I have been thinking about your comment last night, all day today. I wonder if this is the rumblings of a pending civil war. Pro wall or anti wall, abortion, juggernaut government, 1st Amendment, 2nd amendment always in question.

      Where do states rights play into all of this? Do the states have any independence of the federal government? If the states are not independent, then we the people are no longer independent as well.

      Was this the attitude of the people prior to the Civil War? Was everyone fed up with being fucked with for generations? We’re the people tired of being of being controlled by the industrial north and the agricultural south (special interests and corporate politics)?

      So what did they do, they elected a giant “fuck you” to the comptrollers (Lincoln). A president who set out to abolish slavery from day 1.

      Only today, it’s the rural against the urban. The coasts against the middle. The constant drive to abolish the electoral college.

      From colleges to board rooms to the fucking Boy Scouts. The numerous men’s lives ruined to false allegations. Obama phones and Obamacare. Endless wars with absolutely zero end in sight, no actual decisions being made or war fighters being backed up by cozy politicians or bureaucrats.

      So, the government shuts down and we are suddenly supposed to feel sorry for the government worker who was too busy checking Facebook to process our orders? The government employee that fucked our pay up numerous times? The government employee that was too eager to talk down to us when we were a mere private?

      The DMV, the post office being federal property with non government workers working. The federal government has gotten too big and too uncontrollable.

      You’re right, I am salty. And I do struggle to feel for these sob stories the media loves to play on loop to show how horrible trump is.

      In the end, these people failed to improve their “fighting position”, they failed to plan and prepare for catastrophe. For far too long the majority of men in this nation have forsaken their obligation and turned their noses up at the thought of joining the military. So, our nation has grown soft and complacent, since the majority of men have never carried a rifle for America in a foreign country. They never witnessed actual savagery, debauchery or devastation. They shirked their obligation and they never learned how to prioritize and prepare. Tomorrow is not promised or guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed.

      11-12 years since the bottom fell out and people have already forgotten. 11-12 years since the bottom fell out and people still stand in line for credit.

      How many more major problems do people need to experience before they learn they can only count on themselves?

      I have heard it said in the military before, “you either get stronger or you get smarter”, do we keep on suffering through mass punishment or do we get smarter for a change.

      I know I may come across as crass or uncaring, but this is just another bump in the road, all over politics.

      This is nothing new though. Like the coal industry, the transportation industry, toys r us, Kmart, etc. etc. etc.

      People’s livelihoods are in danger, just as people’s livelihoods are in danger over social media and pending social justice.

      Boycotts to approved speech and hate speech. Gillette razors and corporate weed.

      Maybe I just hate the government. Maybe, I just see a bleak future for my children.

      Honestly, I’m just tired of the spotlight being put on the same duds over and over again. I’m all “McLeaned” out and I’m tired of pushing for this jackass!

      Where is my safe space? Oh, that’s right, I am the evil white man so I don’t get one and neither will my son.

      No rest for the weary and no breaks for the tired.

      The squeaky wheel always gets the oil, like always. I’m all rusted up now.

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