Women Are the Fairer Sex? & Women Are Too Sensible?

This has to be an anomaly. This cannot be normal behavior. Is this “locker room talk” or just girls having fun?


30 thoughts on “Women Are the Fairer Sex? & Women Are Too Sensible?

      1. One, I can’t stand this show because it’s too much cackling and can be overwhelming but look how uncomfortable they (except Loni Love) were to talk about it. Adrienne couldn’t even use the words, Tamera was blushing and hiding behind her subject cards, why talk about it.

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              Wow, good for you. I can understand your attraction to women, but men. I’d rather not deal with that “pain in the neck or ass”!

  1. I couldn’t listen to the whole video. Once they started on the guys thing, I turned it off. I don’t know if it is normal behaviour for girls. I know girls love to chat and gossip, though, so maybe, but don’t know.

  2. It seems very dumbed down for mainstream. It reminds me of fart jokes. I didn’t find any of it shocking just very staged for an attempt to get a viral video.

    We all know from high school that both sexes talk about everything, but for a panel of aged actors to try and make it seem bashful in this day and age is nonsensical.

      1. You stated — “Honestly Lander, that’s how women talk and act. ”

        My response — This is where opinion and experience collide. For example: I don’t have any women in my circles talking like that. They aren’t saints, but they simply don’t talk like that. Most of which are black and white. I couldn’t even watch Game of Thrones around some of the women in my circles because it was, “To much”.

        I’m sure there are people like those on the show and I’m sure you may know some, but I don’t.

        They simply seek an audience in the same way shows like Jackass, Top gear, and Pawn stars do. Simple one liners, moronic jokes, and fake shock over childish antics.

        Nothing new under the sun, it’s a winning script for flash in the pan tv shows on the networks.

        It begs the question: Why do people like this kind of show? Why do they watch on comment on them?

        1. bottomlesscoffee007

          I was just using this clip as one example of how men and women are the same when it comes to rhetoric and bad behavior.

          A way to provide a visual example that this idea that men to be better is asinine.

          1. I understand the premise of your example; my counter was more geared to the faux nature of such actors in depicting known archetypes for public consumption.

            It’s kind of like watching rappers in a video but then seeing the behind the scenes contrast of how they really are. We see what they want us to see.

            Just a thought

            1. bottomlesscoffee007

              I don’t necessarily agree. People generally don’t allow others to see the true self. People put the facade out there that they want to be perceived as.

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